Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WANT List.... The Clothes Edition

Afternoon lovelies,

Now as you can tell from the title this isn't makeup related, it is in fact to do with my other girly love and that is CLOTHES!!!!

I by no means am a fashion expert here don't get me wrong and i am guilty of making many a fashion faux par but that doesn't mean i don't know style when i see it! Given that my work place is not the most glamorous place in the world i only have my free time to really go wild when it comes to clothes and even then I've gotta admit I'm a little shy (Gok Wan i neeeeeed you!!!!).

But like i say the following images are the things i am craving and just generally wishing i had the balls to wear. So please enjoy my little fantasy Look Book if you like.....

BOOM! that pop of colour that pokes you in the eye is exactly
what you wanna be wearing this summer (we'll i do anyway).
The cream/brown accessories bring it down to earth and pull
the whole look together.
I love the way they've tied the necklace and jeans together to give
the outfit flow, from one piece to the next.

I am in love with this outfit....Simples!
i mean whats not to love, pretty white dress with fine detailing
then that fluorescent pink creating a stark contrasting.
The good thing is anyone could pull this look off!
It's so universal and all you'd need to do
is tweak with the accessories!

Now tell me you don't love it.... go on i dare ya.
It takes the classic white tee and dark jean combo that is timeless
and just adds character!
The turquoise of the bag & shoes are one of my all time favourite colours
but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find it anywhere!
Given that the main outfit is so simple it just makes the colour stand out even more.
It's a happy colour :)

Taking inspiration from the nautrical theme (first piccy) i found this in Peacock's!
For £12 it's a bargain i recon, it's kinda see through but nothing a white or navy vest top
couldn't fix and it's so floaty and flattering with 3 gold buttons
and a scoop neck it's perfect for bigger boobed ladies.

How pretty!!! Love me some corals so will defiantly be purchasing this!
Perfect for maybe an evening with some black trousers or something.
O and don't forget them gold accessories people.

This will be mine when i get payed i can assure you of that.
Perfect mint shade, the cut is just right for me and the just above the knee is
ideal for keeping it playful but chic.
Peacocks for £18 in case anyone was thinking alone my line ;)

Just wanted to show you my lovely NOTD-
OPI in Pink Of Hearts 2009
And my watch was a gift for Christmas from ASOS,
i am in love with the Micheal Korrs watches but at £300 a go, i think I'll stick with
mine ta lol. Goes with anything and is big enough to tell the time...

That's all folks, sorry it was along one!
Go out and be colourful beautiful people :)

Kel x


  1. I love the white dress with pink blazer. It is so fresh and pretty.

    1. Tell me about it! im in love with that look, can't find a blazer like that anywhere thou :(. its perfect for this beautiful weather we're having thou

  2. Love those outfits u have great taste girl! you need 2 be my personal shopper!! xx

  3. loool awwww thanks huni but i think i need a personal shopper too! how about we be each others :) xxx