Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I'm soooooooooo excited!!!!!!

Back again peeps,

Now you know when i put THAT many O in so that means that even my insides are doing a Lil dance of joy!
My Real Techniques brushes by Sam Chapmen arrived today might just be the reason, hehe.

You wouldn't believe how quickly i opened this after waiting a whole bus journey to work
after picking this little beauty at at my local Boots! Actually scratch that, i can't
believe how restrained i was not to open it right then and there in the shop!!!

There they are, just calling out to me to pick them up :D

Now I'll be honest here, i could stop stroking them lol. i even attacked my colleague
with them just to prove (and probably justified why i couldn't put them down!) just
how SOFT they were!
(like seriously babies bum ain't got nothing on these bad boys now)

And the stands are GENIUS. they make so much sense and make them look so
sleek and lovely that i don't know if i can even bring myself to use them!
(I'm just kidding of course I'm gonna use them it's just gonna take
me a minute to compose myself lol)

It was 3 for £5 on these so i thought why not aye, chuck them in there aswell while
I'm at it! Then i realised just how desperately i need blushes, I'm ashamed to
admit it but i only have 2! How bads that for a makeup lover and
wannabe MUA!!! (it's OK I'm beating myself up for you here)

And just a daily moisturiser i picked up because like a wolly i picked up night cream instead of
day cream on my last attempt so this time i read them label afew times don't worry
(lets just say i was standing in the isle staring at it for so long the shop
assistant came over to me.... in SAVERS! they never do that normally lol).

Right I'm off to go stroke my brushes some more, I'll be doing a full review soon
so keep your eyes peeled for that lovely!

Kel x

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  1. catching up on your blog my chick! those are some finee brushes! i love mine too!! xx