Friday, 16 March 2012

WANT LIST (Or Wishful thinking list in my case!)

Evening all :)

My darling boyfriend whos been diagnosed with a mild case of Hyperthermia has still decided to bugger off out with his mates, refusing to take advantage of my nursing skills so therefore you've got the pleasure of a lil bloggy post from yours truely tonight! Lucky you aye hehe.

Now one of my favourite videos to watch on youtube is Make up Collections/ Organization (you know you agree with me on this one ladies) so as people are going through there collections they tend to recommend things which admidedly i take note of! Trouble is i've now got such a big list of WANTS thats its taking up half of my blooming note book :/

So i thought i'd share with you my top 5 here tonight and see if we can say SNAP on anything (my favourite by the way and for your own safety i recommend you never challenge me to a game because i will not be held responsible for my actions! You may lose a finger.... you have been warned) lol.

Anyho on to my list of top 10 WANTS:

1. MAC Eyeshadows
- Carbon
- Naked Lunch
- Brule
- Nylon
- Satin Taupe
- Woodwinked
- Swiss Chocolate
- Shroom
- Sable
- Soft Brown
- Espresso
- Cranberry
(I think i've got a problem.....)

2. Korres Lip Butters
I've never actually tryed them but i've heard
such good things about them that the beauty addicted in me is just
crying out for me to get them! i love the sound of Jasmine the best
(the lightest pink one in the picture!).

3. Urban Decay Naked Palettes Original & 2
Theres no need for a visual of this one because i think we all know what they look like by now but i want them soooo bad! And i know that that makes me sound like such a baby and its such a boring thing on my wish list because everyone practically already got them but i don't care :(.

4. Sleek Contour Kit
Now I'm big on contouring (what girl with a square
shaped face wouldn't be!) but i'm having a real problem finding
the right shade for my face! So down to the glorious reviews
on this beauty I'm hoping this is the mirivle i've been searching for.... i'll let ya know.

And last but not least......

5. No7 Illuminating Makeup Mirror
I know this isn't technically a makeup product but its what you use to put makeup on so therefore i'm allowing it! I'm desprite for one of
these bad boys, I'm attempting to put my makeup on in the darftest
mirror ever invented and it's to damn big to stick on the window seal
to be about to see so half my face looks find and the other.... well
not so good! So i'm thinking this should probebly be number one,
definatly a must by in my current situation.

Hope you've all enjoyed that, have a lovely weekend and if any of you
have got any suggestions on your wish list items comment below! I'd love to
know :)

Kel x

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