Friday, 21 December 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable review

Evening ladies,

I am fully aware that this is my second post in a row on lip products but i have been loving this so much that i just couldn't hold back from writing about it any longer plus I'm just trying to help you along with spending that Christmas money your bound to get in about 4 days time! (don't say i don't think of ya ;) 

Anyway tonight's topic of conversation is another beauty from our friends at Revlon (boy they sure are on the ball these days aren't they).

I will admit i don't even know how to say the name of this product but luckily i can spell it for you instead, its shade 040 Rendezvous (anyone got a clue what that is please leave a comment below). 

I would never normally of picked this colour but clearly this day i felt like walking on the wild side (cough) so i went for this orange toned shade and i have to admit i LOVE it! Its lovely and vibrant without being over the top and it's doesn't wash me out at all because sometimes you can get them really almost neon oranges that make pale skinned people look like they've just been dug up from the ground then attacked with a traffic cone (odd i know but could happen).

Obviously it is like a dupe of the Clinique Chubby Sticks which i haven't tried yet but if Santa loves me enough I'm hoping i might but i just like the fact that these are excessable to everyone and the quality of them is amazing for £7.99. The pigmentation is so high that they last for a good 3 to 4 hours and i recon the product itself is going to last me a fair few years as I've practically worn it everyday for a month now and i haven't even made a dent in it!

The only down side is that it goes on a little dry so i would recommend using a lip balm first just for easier and smoother application but that shouldn't hold you back from giving these a good go. There is 7 different shades to chose from with a good variety that should suit everyone!

I'm eyeing up Crush (a deep plum) and Honey (golden brown/nude) for next time.

Kel x

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Holy Mother pucker

Evening people,

Now i don't know if you follow me on Twitter (please do:) but yesterday i popped up on there that i had just purchased the Soap & Glory Best of all goody bag which i also did a post on a few days ago funnily enough he he. So you maybe find a few of there products featured on here from time to time as I'm excited to try out some i haven't yet ventured in to.

For instance we have Mrs Mother pucker here:

I have the shade Punch Bowl which is a very warm pink tone that actually comes out almost like a fuchsia colour. It's a soft in colour but by god is it sticky! So much so that i had to put Vaseline on top to stop my lips from clamping together which i can assure you is not an attractive look.

As for the scent it reminds me of them fizzy sweets you can get that are really sour and make your face screw up like a bull dog (again not a good look!). 

The feeling it gives your lips however is a WHOLE other topic. I've never felt anything like it, i thought i was having an allergic reaction to it at first until i looked up online in a blind panic that it was suppose to feel like that. It claims to have "volume boost technology that plumps your lips up to 10 times the size once applied". Now i don't know about anyone else here but if i wanted a trout pout I'd of probably opted for Botox by now.

Having said that it's a lovely colour and once the "effects" have wore off it lasts a good few hours. Would i repurchase? Most likely not but it's an interesting experience never the less.

Kel x

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascaras

Evening Ladies,

Just a quick one on a forgotten product that i LOVE (big statement but please do bare with me here).

I fell for this mascara as soon as i saw it's sleek packaging but on my never ending hunt to find the perfect partner to enhance my lashes it got lost along the way.... until now.

The L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara (as the title may suggest lol) is pure, fat brush ended loveliness!

 Sounds silly i know but I've come to the conclusion that fat is best when it comes to mascara wands for me despite the fact the skinny (like the amazballs Telescopic for instance) gets to the roots and bottom lashes beautifully, a fat wand can really create an impact and that's what i look for in a truly great mascara  In this little wonder i think i have found that (for the time being anyway).

It lengthens and flicks out your lashes in a flirty way without weighting them down like some do. It doesn't feel heavy or clumpy on the lashes and there is no fall out or slip of lovely black stuff all down your beautifully powdered cheeks. It also has that thing where as you pull out the wand any excess that was on the wand gets taken away before use which was a great invention in my opinion. 

Then on TV yesterday my eyes stumbled upon this...

Well that was it, my senses pricked up and the laptop was out at the speed of light. Apparently this little fella doesn't just volumise, it gives your lashes a "maxed-up, fanned-out effect". 

So basically what it's saying is it packs more of a punch in the drama department then its older sister. I shall be investigating this as i am always (as you may have guessed by now) on the look out for greater finds to bring back to you lovely people.

You can find both products HERE at Boots Online, both priced at £10.99.

Kel x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Primers: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Evening ladies,

I don't know about you but this is the time of year that my skin needs just that extra little helping hand when it comes to makeup. I never normally use a primer unless I'm struggling to negotiate with my foundation and this month my foundation is winning hands down!

I haven't tried many as like i said i don't normally need them but the ones i have tried i will now attempt to put in to words how well i got on with them.

First up we have The Good;

Meet The Porefessional, this was a revelation for me in terms of a primer because I'd never experienced a truly decent one. I didn't really get the point of them until this came skipping in to my life (i say skip because it's a jolly thing to do and i felt pretty damn jolly after using it OK). Anyho this glides on beautifully, stays put all day and doesn't make your foundation sit on the surface of your face what so ever.

This gets a massive thumbs up from me and i would most certainly recommend it although the only down side is it isn't cheap, at £23.50 at it's on the pricey side so like i said if you really are in need this should see you though.

Now for The Bad;

I don't want to be horrible to Revlon because it is one of my all time favourite brands but really? Is this the best you could do? I don't think that primer is really there strong point if I'm honest. Don't get my wrong it does the job okish but by golly does it stink!!! It smells really bad and for the first few seconds of putting it on to your skin it is a tad over powering but after you put your foundation on it simmers down (still not really ideal though is it).

It sinks into your skin quite nicely i will give it that but my foundation certainly doesn't last any longer using it that is for sure. Having said all that it is cheaper then the first at £11.99 at Boots and also with there 3 for 2 offers that are forever on the go (always a bonus) then if you want to try your luck then maybe it's the ideal match for you.

And last but no means least we have The Ugly;

I am so so sorry L'oreal and to all those of you out there that might love this but it just did not agree with my skin what so ever. The texture when first applying felt all clumpy and uneven then when it came to putting foundation over the top it just didn't wanna sit right (hopefully that makes sense lol).

It could work wonders for you guys just like the Revlon might and on the plus side this hasn't got an over powering smell like said Revlon but it just wasn't blending like it should and the longevity of it was short lived that's for sure.

It's £14.29 at Boots if you want to give it a whirl and also L'oreal are doing a nice offer where if you spend over £15 or more you get a free Christmas gift worth £28! If you pop in store they have the gifts on display and i think they might include a mascara or something which is a nice little extra so thank you L'oreal.

Also as a side note i think the likes of Maxfactor are also doing similar offers that include gifts if you spend over a certain amount :)

Kel x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Huge Bargain... It's Soap & Glory time

Evening ladies,

If you haven't yet heard then now is the time to get in quick!!!

Soap & Glory The Best Of All set is on offer in Boots for £27!!! Originally was £60, that's a massive saving of £33.

Soap & Glory have been making a big come back lately among Youtubers and Beauty Bloggers especially products such as Hand Food, Clean On Me and The Righteous Butter all of which i have tried, tested and approved for take off!

They are most certainly 3 of my personal favourites that i have used time and time again (i have 1 tube of hand food in my handbag, 1 in my bathroom and one on my bed side table he he). So for them alone this set is well worth it but to add to that mix the likes of Mother pucker lip gloss, smoothie star moisturiser and thick & fast mascara plus they all come in a cute Soap & Glory travel wash bag is really the icing on the cake especially when other sets such as The Perfect Manicure set is priced at £16!!!

This set has actually sold out on the Boots website but in my local there is still plenty in stock so pop in to yours to get your hands on this amazing deal.

Good luck my little bargain hunters :)

Kel x

Friday, 14 December 2012

NOTD Christmas style

Hey ladies,

Now I've never done one of these before so do bare with me but i decided to show you lovely people what i have on my nails because i just think it's so pretty!

(Not the best quality picture i understand but hopefully shall be fixing that after Christmas, if Santa decides to be nice to me that is :) 

Anyho the nail vanish it by BarryM and is a lovely bright Christmasy red glitter! I love the bottle for some reason and the colour is my favourite but i have to say I'm not all that impressed with the texture of this. Its very rough and also as soon as it drys the colour goes dull so it hardly sparkles at all. It does only need 2 coats which is good for sparkly nail vanish and priced at £2.99 i can hardly complain i guess.

The brilliant thing about all this is that it has made me discover Sally Hansen Insta-Dri anti chip top coat! 

I love this stuff, as soon as i put it on over the dull, sad looking red polish it came alive! The sparkle was there in full effect and it has lasted 2 days so far still staying in perfect condition. I don't know why but I have been holding myself back from getting Sally Hansen products for so long because i felt like i didn't need them but after this i may be delving in a little deeper!

I found this at a discount place near where i live for £2.99, which is a bargain considering at Boots it retails at £5.99 (find HERE) but I'm sure you can find some good online deals for it as well.

Kel x

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet

Me again,

I have been a big fan (as I'm sure most ladies are) of the Revlon lip butters ever since they graced our isles of Boots but i know there was a few shades that didn't quite make it across the pond if you will. I think it might have been down to them not translating so well to the British consumer or something, i don't know!

What i do know is that recently i have been on the hunt for a red lippy seen as it tis the season and all that jazz but a lot of the beautiful shades I've tried have seemed like they would dry out my lips which is the last thing they need right now! So when browsing on Ebay the other night I came across a seller that had the full range of lip butters and this little fella caught my eye....

It's RED VELVET 040! It tickled my pickle so i hit BUY and 2 days later it turned up in the post!

When i pulled it out of the packaging i was like eek this is dark and kinda brown but then i swatched it and instantly fell for it! It glided on just like all the lip butters do with that nice lip balm quality that they have and the colour came out as a very rich almost red wine like red which with my dark hair looked lovely (even if i do say so myself he he).

You can find the seller HERE so go check that out and i shall be wearing this lovely lippy in my Primark Haul i shall be filming soon so look out for that :)

Kel x

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Winter Helping Hair Hand With Percy & Reed London

Afternoon Ladies,

We all know what winter in England is like by now (and for those who don't, be grateful!) so when them cold winds start to blow and your lovely hair do you just spent the past hour perfecting has gone to pot, what can you do about it?! Well nothing really you just get in a grump but afterwards you can treat your hair to a little TLC with this gorgeous product that i have been loving lately!

I present to you...... Percy & Reed London Totally TLC Hydrating Mask

A mouthful and a half i know but god damn does it work like you wouldn't believe and smells AMAZING! (it is literally sat on the table in front of me but it smells like it's in my hair but that's a good thing trust me lol).

Anyway on to what it does, it says "This deep, indulgent treatment helps restore your hair's vitality making it soft and more manageable" and by golly does it do that. I got this product free in either Cosmo or Glamour magazine (sorry can't remember which) like 6 months ago and this product still has over a quarter left to go.

I use it maybe 2 times a month and i wash my hair with normal shampoo as always then pop this on from half way down my hair to my ends, wrap it in a bun then place a towel around my head and leave in for roughly 10 minutes (instructions on the back). My hair feels so soft and shiny afterwards it like i just walked out of the hairdressers.

It is a little pricey at £20 for 175 ml tub but well worth it in my opinion, you can find it HERE at SpaceNK.

I will most certainly be stocking up on this bad boy once mine runs out that's for sure!
Kel x

Monday, 10 December 2012

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer review

Morning guys,

Got this little review for you today, i did mention it in my Bourjois Foundation review the other week but wanted to give this a bit more of a test run before i gave my honest opinion on it.

So i present to you lovely people..... Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer!!!

Now the first reason i went for this was because i love the Healthy Mix foundation so much that i thought this would be just as fab and also i watch the Pixiwoo sisters Youtube videos religiously and Nic is forever either using her Mac concealer or this bad boy so therefore i thought it would be foul proof.

Don't get me wrong i am not saying in the slightest that this is a bad concealer but it just isn't right for me. 

The Pros:
 - The colour match is brilliant! If your fair skinned like me then this will suit you to a tea. It has a very yellowy under tone so it cancels out dark circles under the old eyes beautifully.

- It blends really nicely as well which is handy for if your in a rush and just want to freshen your complexion up a tad.

- There is no offencive smell what so ever! I was a little disappointed it didn't smell as nice as the foundation but it didn't smell bad so i was grateful for that.

The Cons:
- i have a very oily tea zone so this just sat on the surface like i hadn't even attempted to blend it! It was fine at first, even putting power over the top didn't effect it but after a few hours it just looked and felt not very pleasant and i couldn't wait to go home and wash my face. (if you have dry to normal skin however i think this would work beautifully as it would add much needed moisture to the skin!)

- It also is not a very heavy coverage which is great if you like to build that up but i like to be hit with the hard stuff straight away so this wasn't really the consistency that I'm use to.

That's about it for the Cons actually! I really don't have a lot of bad things to say about this as its a lovely little concealer but for me it wasn't a winner.

I'm sure lots of you love it and that's great but unfortunately I'm still on the hunt for my one true match!

Kel x

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: What Benefits have to offer

Evening all,

Now for any special lady in your life and that could be anyone from a quirky Aunt to an amazing bonkers but lovely friend now is the time to treat them so i have been doing my homework in to some good investment buys they will hopefully love you forever for buying them! (And don't worry, I'll let you take all the credit).

First up we have.... Benefits Crescent Row Limited Edition Set

If I'm honest i never payed much attention to there fragrances as i see them more as a make up brand but i have to say these are adorable!!! There quirky and fun, with a mixture of musky and fruity scents so perfect for different occasions plus there small and portable so perfect handbag size.

The set includes:
Laugh with me LeeLee
My place or yours Gina
Ring my Belle (My personal Favourite)
See & be seen Sasha 

Priced at £29.50 and available at John Lewis you can't really fail with this beauty but if they do kick up a stink then I'd just keep if for ya self if i was you ;) he he.

Let There Be Bright Set

I'd want to keep this for myself personally but in the spirit of good will and all that jazz it's only right to be giving (rather you then me!).

This is a dream kit for skin care lovers out there, again like with the perfume i didn't think to really look to Benefit for skin care but after trying 3 out of these 4 amazing products i wouldn't hesitate in purchasing this for someone.

The set includes:
It's potent! eye cream (Amazing, one of the best eye cream iv tried plus it's full sized!)
Triple performing facial emulsion SPF 15 PA++ (Full size also!!!)
Total moisture facial cream (i would highly recommend, feels very luxurious on the skin. Deluxe mini)
The POREfessional (great little primer for reducing pores hence title lol also a deluxe mini)

I would defiantly recommend this set if you want to venture in to Benefits lesser know products because lets face it there makeup is amazaballs so there skin care has to be!

Priced at £39 and available at John Lewis or both are available on the Benefit website.

Tune in for another gift guide soon :)

Kel x 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lincoln Christmas Market

Evening guys,

Just a quick one tonight about my little shopping adventure to Lincoln!

I have a very exciting Primark haul to film but got to wait for good lighting for you to be able to actually see me but hopefully it'll be up in the middle of the week (you'll see evidence of my Primark over haul in the coming pictures he he),

i made a rookie shopping mistake, I shopped in Primark first then walked up the most vertical bloody hill in England! No word of a lie it was that steep i was bent over double trying to get up the
bugger. The point is i was heading to the top where the Christmas market 
was being held,
(And now i know exactly why they held it there, the amount of food they had to offer
they wanted you to burn off the calories before you add them on again!)

Despite the monstrous climb it has some gorgeous little shops on the way up including this little sweet shop 
(ever so English isn't it)

No considering my mum hasn't even got a camera on her phone she did pretty well at taking these picture!
Behind a cheesy smiling me in the foreground these was a Christmas shop full
of lovely handmade decorations and lots of bits and bobs.

I swear this poor woman thought i was stalking her because i was trying to take a picture of
the shop behind her but she kept getting in my shot!
However i have to say I'm glad she did because i am in love with her coat.
i wanted to ask her where she got it but i was too embarrassed that she actually might think i was stalking her! 

Its a gold post box!!!
That can only mean one thing..... a gold medal winning Olympian came from Lincoln!
Ain't got a clue who it was or what event they did but i shall try to find out for you.

Now come on who doesn't love a good carousel   

Here's a sneak peak at one of the things i got from Primark!
I know I've mentioned the P work a lot but i really am impressed with that place and 
now ones just opened merely half an hour away from me you might 
be seeing a lot more from there.

Kel x

Monday, 3 December 2012

My Nightly Skin Care Routine

Evening ladies,

When it gets to this time of year your skin can take a right old battering so it's best to try and treat it like a new born baby... with a lot of love, care and attention.

Most nights after i get home from work I'll walk the dog, possibly have a bath if I'm particularly stress then take me face off!

Rough order is as follows:

Step 1:
Attack my face with a baby wipe! (a key essential in the whole process plus oddly satisfying to see your make up coming off bit by bit),

Step 2:
Either i cleanse using my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish or if my skins really in need of a pick me up i get to work on it using my Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator.....

This has saved my skin once or twice especially if dryness or blemishes have reared ugly heads! This is a great product because its a light exfoliator so it doesn't feel like it's stripping your skin right down, it just feels like it's taking away all the bad stuff and leaves behind soft clear flesh!

This product is available at most John Lewis stores.

Step 3: 
Now moisturising is key at this stage because now your skin is totally bare its the best time to let a good product sink into the skin over night and really let it works its magic.

At the moment I'm using Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser (longest title in the world!). It promises to hydrate and refresh leaving skin soft and does not clog up pores but i can't really say it does a lot for me to be honest.

i have to admit it feels nice and refreshing plus it smells great but i just feel it doesn't hydrate my skin enough so if you ladies have any good recommendations for night creams please let me know :)

This product is available at most Boots stores.

Step 4:
Last but not least a good lip balm, i usually stick to good old faithful Carmex or the Aloe Vera flavoured Vaseline which work wonders i find!

This all will more then likely change so i shall keep you up to date with any new discoveries.

Kel x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

A few products for Santa to treat me to!

Evening ladies,

Sorry it's been a few days but i have not stopped! No word of a lie, with December looming it has been a mad dash to get everyone presents in before the last minute shoppers get a panic attack and run around like headless chicken.

I can almost officially say that i have done all of my Christmas shopping and the odd birthday that decided to land in the busiest time of year! So i would like to take this time, be a little selfish and construct a Christmas wish list of my own!

This is what i have so far....

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

I have heard so many amazing things about this product to aid with blemishes and pores which i have always had problems with especially around my chin, nose and forehead so I'm wondering if this is what I've been missing out on all these years!

Benefit They're Real Mascara 

I use multiple mascaras (yes i am one of those people!) and i am dying to quicken up my morning route in the morning by just using one but never seem to be able to find just one that will do the trick that 3 could! So when i heard my friend saying how much she loved this for lengthening and making her lashes look extra lushes i thought i wouldn't mind giving it a bash.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo Isolde  

I have wanted a NARS product for the longest time but one importantly this eyeshadow Duo! It is the most gorgeous combo of Autumn tones that you could either dress up or down for this festive season and with my brown eyes the gold would really make them pop!

Please Santa if you read this can you treat me, I've been good all year i swear (well goodish he he).

Kel x