Sunday, 25 March 2012

Round up of the week

Evening all,

Anyone noticed anything different.... maybe a Lil change to my bloggy look?! I mean how pretty, even if i do say so myself! Now i should explain that;

1. The me afew years ago would have HATED pink with a passion but over the past few years i have       been transformed into some what of a pink lover (i think I'm ill) so hence the over load on suttle hues of pink!

2. I love Paris!!! I've been there once and completely fell in love with the charm and beauty of the place so that explains the pictures!

3. And finally you have no idea how LOOOOOONG this took me to figure out so you bloody well best appreciate the effort people (i mean that in the nicest way obviously).

Now on to.....


The Good

- Finally figuring out after 3 days of head scratching, naughty words and many cups of tea how to achieve a satisfactory look for my Lil bloggy poo. (first impressions are important OK peeps!).

- Discovering an amazball nail vanish for a £1!!!! ( MUA in superdrugs people, MUA).

- Seeing beautiful flowers for what feels like the first time because lets face it it's been a long arse winter!
(how pretty are these?! and they smelt gorgeous... no idea what they are though)

- Having lovely friends! Ones who will put up with your wining, burping, long winded stories and most of all bad taste in men lol. You know who you are my good people, thanks for putting up with me :) (in case you dont know who you are you wollys; Lorren, Bex, Mel, Sue, Claire to name afew).

The Bad

- Climate control.... there is none to put it simply! One minute it's foggy, next I'm melting into a small puddle. I mean for crying out loud, abit of warning would of been lovely just so i could get my wardrobe into gear and not be wrapped up for the Antarctic in 20c sunshine!!!

The colour just made me smile and think of summer :)

- Being ignored! I hate it when someone dosen't speak to you for no apparent reason, especially when it's a very important person in my life. It's rude, disrespectful and just plain crappy so stop it basically!

The Ugly

- I only have one here and it's quite deep so brace yaselves..... Judgement.

Now I'm big on female empowerment and standing up for yourselves so when i did abit of day dreaming earlier in the week (i was at work so its fine, i wasn't driving or anything so don't panic lol) and i was thinking back to how i use to be. Timid, shy, never stood up for myself or spoke my own mind! But now i couldn't be more different, i have a voice and i damned if anyones gonna shut me up now haha.
So without further ado here's a song i found that kind represents that's, ENJOY!!!!

Kel x


  1. and thank you for putting up wiv all my moaning and longgg stories haha xxx