Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Women Wednesday- Kate Winslet

Damn twice in one day, you are being spoilt ain't ya ;)

So for today's Women Wednesday I'll be chatting about the beautiful..... Kate Winslet!

I remember when her single came out for the film The Christmas Story (or something like that!)
and i remember thinking, damn this woman can do anything!!!
Single, act and be a beautiful female icon.

Titanic is something we all know and love her for (and applaud her for, i mean i
wouldn't get naked A. in front of the world and B. and most importantly
in front of LEONARD DICAPRIO!!!!!)
This lady sure has balls I'll give her that but what she also has that i find so
inspiring is that she's normal.
And by that i mean she's down to earth, warm, kind, open and most of
all is comfortable with her healthy curvy figure!!!!
Hollywood certainly hasn't changed this woman and i thank her for that because in a world
and an industry like hers she's managed to stay true to herself and in doing so
has proved such an inspiration for not only me but thousands like me......the normal girl!

Hope this was a gooden for ya, talk soon lovelies!

Kel x

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