Monday, 5 March 2012

If the internet was a person they'd be dead meat!!! (O & sunday round up!)

Hello again,

Can i just start by saying Thank You to my first 2 followers!!!! Welcome :) much appreciate your company!
And second of all this whole internet business is driving me potty, if it goes down one more time i swear im gonna.......eeeeer..... change to another broadband! So there, hope your listening Mr internet because this is your last warning.

Now on to more pleasant things like my belated Sunday Round Up!!!. Which keeps happening to be Monday round up but thats beside the point, just humour me and pretend its Sunday again lol.

Sunday Round Up:


- We got payed!!! which in my opinion is never a bad thing. And following that i purchased and recieved my 2 new MAC products, YAY!!!

I've been using these afew days now and i just have to say......WOW! How could i have not tryed these sooner. It's been my mission in life to find the perfect concealer ever since i hit pubity and that's a little while ago now. I'll do a review on these when I've really given them a test drive just to make sure i can finally hang up my Sherlock Holmes hat, pick up my Bobbi Brown concealer brush and enjoy the product! 

Also while i was on a cosmetics roll i picked up some essentials. Once i figure out how to finally make a decent video il do my skin routine for ya but for now these are just 2 of my everyday must haves; Revlon colourstay foundation in Buff 150 and Nivea Daily Essentials night cream (which by the way smells amazballs and makes your skin feel baby soft!) but in all honesty i thought i picked up the day cream but after further investigation found the night one richer and therefore better for me in these long old winter days.

- Another plus point was that I got to see Chris!!! Only for afew hours mind but boy we sure know how to make those hours count :)


- Now this isn't nessecerly bad but I've got a big interview tomorrow (i'll reveal all when its all over i promise, i just don't want to jinx it:/) so ive been revising like mad and i think i may have developed brain strain, if that's even possible! I will persivere and succed, i just may need a very large amount of alchol to calm my nerves afterwards. So wish me luck peoples :)


- Well the ugly is pretty evident in the photos below:

Right before venturing outside my hair was in a reasonable condition having slept in buns
the night before to creat a beach wavey effect (wishful thinking on my part i recon!)

Then we have this! Not quite sure what it's meant to be but its certainly not
what i had in mind for my look that day i can assure you.

Now i know i moan about the weather alot but in my defence i'm British so thats reason enough right there. It just baffles me (doesnt take alot to do, trust me) that one mintue it can be lovely blue skys then all of a sudden it's rain clouds and threats of snow!!! I recon thats Gods having a right old laugh, he likes to lule us into a faulse sense of securety one moment then the next strike us down with rain and ruin our lovely hair dos.

And that concludes my Sunday Round Up for the week. Hope you enjoyed it, till next time hope you have a lovely evening!

Kel x 


  1. ooo hun whats that revlon foundation like? and yeh the weather sucks! its so windy here in london! good luck with your interview!! :)

  2. Hiya sorry it's taking me so long to reply, still trying to get to grips with this thing lol. The revlon foundation is amazballs if you like a heavy coverage if not try the revlon photoready foundation, its abit lighter! :)
    Thank u for your support hun xx