Monday, 12 March 2012

Quotes, sweating & fancy things.....

Evening all,

Hope you've all battled through your Mondays relatively unscathed! Me on the other hand have felt better. could be due to just suffering through an hour of STEP & TONE but that's beside the point, the point is..... I'm gonna feel the bugger tomorrow lol.
Anyho on to more important things like..... Quote For The Week!

Instead of thinking about
what your missing, try thinking
about what you have that
everyone else is missing!

It's so true,i grumble alot about the things i feel i haven't got that other people have like wash board Abe's or sparkly white teggies but i should appreciate the things about myself that are unique and so should you lot! Yes you, the beautiful person reading this right now :)

on a slid note i was shopping for a friends belated birthday gift today and i came across some fancy displays i just gotta share with you a second (humour me here, i think there pretty!)......

How prettyful were they???? Love, Love, Love the rustic theme and the old wood! The hand cream is what i ended up getting her along with a bunch of flowers (the one in the middle in Bluebell smells amazballs by the way, was tempted to nick it but i managed to restrain myself hehe). As for the last one, that was a card i made for her! Didn't come out to bad, even if i do say so myself lol.

Hope you've had a good day! Till tomorrow....

Kel x


  1. Awwww hun such a good post. your friend is very lucky! and u are super talented that cards amazeballs! glad u had a gd day! :D xx

  2. awwww thanks hun, perks of working in a craft store i guess lol. Hope all goes well tomoz hun, i got me fingers and toes crossed for ya :) xx