Saturday, 16 November 2013

My recent go to Fashion For Autumn...

Afternoon all,

Now them frosty mornings and dark nights are creeping in the more layers
we sling on the better in my opinion so here are a few
items of clothing I've picked up to help me through.

These boots from New Look have been a life saver! You can throw them on with 
any outfit whether its jeans or tights and a dress.
There also super comfy so your little toes can go a full day in luxury.

This was a little gem I found in a local charity shop for £2! Its woolly, soft and cream so 
will go with anything. If you want to see how i styled it up head on over to my instagram 
profile to see.

This was another treasure i found in the British Heart Foundation for £5.
Its by Wallis and it still had it's tags on he he. Safe to say i am becoming a pro
bargain hunter in my spare time and I am not ashamed to admit it!
Looks amazing dressed up or down and it's even roomy enough to fit a jumper underneath
without looking too bulky.

I have been using this ice blue slouchy satchel bag none stop as it goes with everything, fits the 
kitchen sink in and looks lovely to boot! I got this in a sale at M&Co a while
back so may not be about anymore but i think this colour is a real change from the 
black, cream and red trends for bags this winter.

And last but not least you have to through a statement necklace into the mix right?!
Love the cranberry red colour of this and it goes beautifully with everything.
I got this from Primark after seeing it in a haul of Fleur De Forces so cheers for the
heads up on that one and for £3 you can't go wrong.

Sees you soon fashion lovers

Friday, 15 November 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips review

Afternoon all,

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, it is I.... I am back!
I have had a hell of a ride of it these past few months hence my absence 
but i am back with a vengeance with plenty to review so hold on to your
laptops ladies.

Firstly I thought I'd start off with an easy one to ease myself into things....
(which you can find at Boots, click on link above or Superdrug)

I know I gave in to the hype but as a beauty lover and now dedicated researcher 
you just have to!
I went for Hydrate (the blue one) and Pink Punk (the pink, obviously).

I wanted to try a pigmented one in comparison to your regular lip balm type
and I have to say i certainly noticed the difference.

The blue is definitely more for combating your dry lip issues where as i feel the pink has been more focused 
on the colour pay off so does lack a little in the moisturizing sense but both 
work well for what they are, just more so the blue.

As you can see the pink looks quite subtle on the swatch but trust me when i say
when applied several times to the lip boy does it stand out in 
a pink fluorescent kinda way.

I'd be intrigued to try more and for £2.99 a pop who can complain!
Also there is 3 for 2 at the minute at Boots so now is the time to buy.

Sees you later ladies

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Good enough to eat

I have a sweet tooth.

There i admitted it, now what follows is something that would probably make me very large indeed if it was in fact edible!

Holy cod, this is some fine smelling shower gel i have to say so when it say its completely natural i thought 'yeah and I'm a brunette version of Britany Spears', But i do have a reliable source (my auntie and uncle who are real life vegans, slightly bonkers and lovers of herbal stuff) that tell me this is one of the only natural products they are able to use. 

So grab yourself a bargain because these babies are going for £1 at Morrison's at the minute and have a explosive nostril experience in the shower with all the lovely scents available including a mint one that will soon clear out any cold and a lemon one that will make you feel as if you sucking on an actual lemon! 

Sorry about the graphic descriptions but these really do pack a punch in the smell department plus they leave your skin lovely and smooth after which is always a bonus with shower gel. (My one is Raspberry and vanilla, i pray someone comes out with a milkshakes that tastes as good as this bad boy smells.)

Kel x

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Erica from Abundance Of Erica nominated me for this award and i must say I'm pleased as punch! She is pretty, talented, takes amazball pictures and you'd be silly not to hop on over to her blog and subscribe. Thank you Erica, it means a lot to me and it makes me happy that i know people out there like what I'm doing enough to keep on reading :)

Now the rules are easy peesy:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2. Give them the heads up that you have nominated them
3. Share 7 weird and wonderful facts with us all about yourself
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you 
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award symbol to your post

So here goes my 7 odd ball facts about myself:

* I am a self confessed clean freak, if shiz ain't stacked neatly or there is a cushion out of order then things are gonna get crazy around here.

* I am a typical Taurus: I'm stubborn, afraid of change, likes earthy colours (but not pooy brown) and am as loyal as a Labrador.

* I have 3 tattoos so far, a diamond, a symbol on my wrist i designed myself and one on my back that i got when school became a tad boring one day so decided to pop along to my local tattooist instead! ( i will say that i had been planning that tattoo for 2 years but because i was a wimp i had to do it at the last minute so i didn't chicken out, well worth it though and i got so hooked that's how the other 2 came to be he he).

* I hate all veg, especially the green ones yet i love mushrooms! (odd i know)

* I'm allergic to Christmas trees.

* Bargain hunting is my main mission on a shopping trip. If i can't get something for cheap as chips then i don't want it.

* The Beauty & The Beast is my all time favourite Disney film. I feel that may have been down to the fact that Belle was the only brown haired Princess when i was younger so we had more in common then the rest but still an awesome film.

Any here are the fab bloggers i nominate for this award just because they rock:

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It was so hard to whittle it down to only 15 because there are so many brilliant bloggers out there but it just had to be done.

Kel x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

If I had Instagram....

Here would be some of my shots from the week so far:

My new bargain find, I stumbled across it while in a local charity shop and had to have it.
It was originally from Primark for £8 (still had tags and padding inside!)
but was on offer for £3 so who was i to say no hay.

Everyone has that one warm drink that gets them through the long winter nights, right?
From hot chocolate with all the trimmings or a good hearty cuppa tea, mine just
happens to be Cranberry & Raspberry instant tea in my funky 
cupcake flask. 
Don't judge me, i think its cute also it has the added bonus of being less likely for me
to become a burns victim from fatal spillages. 

Loving these little beauties at the minute:
We have Maybelline 24 hour stay foundation, Revlon lip butter in Red Velvet,
an EOS balm in a mangoy flavour and Rimmel glam eye mascara.

A gorgeous canvas i found for £2 to hang above me bed, cute ain't it :)

I shall hopefully be on Instagram before long so keep your eyes peeled for that, i shall be snap happy i fear.

Kel x

Friday, 25 January 2013

Pucker up.... Sleek style

Any beauty blogger worth her salt will know that Sleek is well known for one thing in particular... the AMAZBALL eyeshadow palettes! I am the proud owner of 3 so far (shall delve more in to that on another post don't you worry) but i know that Sleek isn't that readily available to all countries yet so sorry if this is like rubbing it in a tad :/

However with Sleek releasing more and more new products now such as there True Colour Lipstick range which boasts 30 shades, has suggestions for fair, medium and dark skin tones and with a price like £4.99 who's gonna argue, right!

This gorgeous red is called Vixen really stands out!
Also there are plenty of neutrals for the slightly lower key ladies out there
(don't you worry I'm one of them so you ain't alone lol).

But what i wanted to focus on was what's been hanging about for a while and that's there range of POUT POLISHES. Can i just say that they smell so good you just wanna eat it but once on the lips that's truly the last thing you want to actually do.... it tastes disgusting!!! But given your not suppose to taste it then i shall over look this small issue.

I have to say this is a lovely little lip product (over looking the taste of course). It adds a nice hint of colour, above is the one i have in Peach Perfection 964 and its great for a nice nude base. You could wear it alone or just to add a sheen over a matte lipstick maybe. 

It's not that sticky but i fear your boyfriend wouldn't really appreciate you kissing him with it on as it can transfer (same example goes for pets and clothing just for a quick heads up while I'm at it). The product contains SPF 15 which is always a nice added bonus and has 10 g worth of the stuff so unless your quite heavy handed this should last you for a decent amount of time.

Available at Superdrug and also off Sleek website HERE for £4.49 each and you can chose from 9 different shades. (Image of lipstick off Sleek website over HERE ).

Kel x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Blog Space

We all need that one place to go and be zen for a little bit, just to escape the craziness that is our day to day lives. It could be anywhere from the comfort of your living room to a door step somewhere (not saying you might be homeless or anything, i just couldn't come up with a more creative place lol). 

I use to blog from the sofa.... ooo comfy i hear you mumble, well your wrong it wasn't! I've lost count of the amount of times i went to stand up but realised to late that my feet had given up on me and fallen asleep. Anyway recently i purchased (off Ebay for an absolute steal may i smugly add) a make up/ blogging desk. It has now become my place of zen and work, also a place to put my face on in the mornings so as not to scare innocent passers by.

Here's a few more i discovered on Pinterest the other day....

Gotta love a bit of monochrome here and there hay.

Pictures dotted around really get your creative juices flowing i find.

Quirky and thrown together but still has the comfort factor!

Kel x

Monday, 21 January 2013


Now the weather outside is frightful... well just a little white, fluffy and a tad slippery in places really but can be a bit hair raising if your being dragged along by an over excited dog whilst wearing non grippy foot wear but hay ho I'm still alive to tell the tale so that's the important part.

I was going to do a glorious post with lots of classy pictures, that was until my camera decided to become too technical for me to handle so slight change of tact is now needed. I am now going to do a shameful plug (not often this happens so humour me here people) for my Bloglovin page as seen below...

I LOVE Bloglovin, i think its an ingenious idea and would like to kiss whoever came up with it! OK slight exaggeration there but it's a damn good brain wave. It houses all your favourite blogs in one spot so it makes it nice and easy for your viewing pleasure. You can catch up on all the new posts and discover more blogs that you may not have done otherwise.

I'm not forcing you to add me or anything but i just thought i would just give you the heads up that I'm over there and that if you wanna swing by and pop me on your list it would be humongous appreciated :)

I'm right HERE , just thought I'd help you out a little he he.

Kel x

Friday, 18 January 2013

Barely there with bareMinerals Original Foundation review

As you may be aware by now I have been on the hunt for a foundation that is tough enough to deal with my difficult skin (dry nose, spotty on occasion and oily tea zone, lucky me hay) so i usually head for the foundation that promises me the world plus camo concealment coverage but as I'm delving more into the makeup universe I'm starting to realise that's maybe where I'm going wrong.

So i present to you my new friend, bareMinerals Original Foundation...

I wouldn't exactly say this was love at first application because if I'm honest i was a little baffled by it at first, i wasn't 100% sure it was the right shade, i laughed in its face on how the hell it was gonna cope with my less then perfect complexion but now i realise i owe it an apology. 

You don't need a lot of product to cover a large area and with the right brush the blending takes a matter of minutes. I use my Real Techniques buffing brush which i purchased in a set from Boots (beyond brilliant brushes, would highly recommend investing in as they are good value, excellent quality and if that wasn't enough they were designed by Pixiwoo sister Sam!). I start off from the cheeks and just buff in circular motions over my whole face and also down the neck to blend it all together.  

Once this is all blended in there is no need for powdering obviously and it lasts all day with no slip what so ever. This really is a lovely product to wear as it kept my skin from getting oily or dry where it usually does and didn't cling to any dry skin i may have hidden beneath. 

The coverage is excellent, i barely needed any concealer on after but i did anyway just out of habit more then anything else. As for the feel of it on my skin, well it felt as if I wasn't evening wearing make up! That is how light it is, there was no feeling of wanting to wash my face off because of the yucky, greasy feeling liquid products sometimes leave your face feeling 6 hours in. 

As for the shades, I have very pale skin that boarders on yellow tones so this matches me quite well if i blend it enough however they do a shade lighter, Fair, which i think will give a try as this makes me look a little tanned. They have now released a Matte version for oilier skin types so i may purchase that and have the Light shade for summer. 

This is available on QVC for £22 for a 8 g pot that will last you at least a year if not longer. It has SPF 15 in so will protect you from those sneaky sun rays a little and because it is full of minerals it won't clog up your skin or cause bacteria to form. 

There is also a Flawless Face Brush available at QVC, priced at £21 but if you have a good face brush from another brand such as Real Techniques or MAC then that would work just as well.

For fuss free, light weight feeling skin that stays flawless all day, i would without a doubt give this a go! Let me know what you guys think :)

Kel x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

All used up- #1 "empties"

There is only ever 2 reasons why i finish a product; 1. i REALLY like it or 2. I'm desperate!

From left to right:
Clinique mini high impact mascara
Miami Glow By JLO
Sure Clear Diamond deodorant
Wella Shockwave hairspray 
Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (shade 103 True Ivory, yeah right!)
L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation (shade C1)
Rimmel Clear Complexion powder (021 transparent)
Natural Collection blush (in Pink cloud)
17 lipstick (in Bee-Hive)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (in Light)
Maybelline Super Stay 24h concealer (shade 2- light/beige clair)

I think it is safe to say that when it came to the foundations that was defiantly moments of desperation that forced me on to finish them (if you read my blog post of foundation comparisons you'll know why). As for most of the products they were OK and got me through the day but the only things that really stood out to me that i will be repurchasing are these little beauties:

I am in love with the Bioderma and 17 lipstick! I had read so much about both that i finally caved and delved right on in and by golly I'm glad i jumped on that band waggon. The Bioderma is a beast, once it sets to work on your face no make up is safe from it's path and as for the lipstick, well lets just say I'll be buying one for the handbag and one for my make up table thank you very muchly (perfect all round nude that would suit most skin types, fact).

The concealer is another firm favourite and i don't just me to repurchase, once you put that creamy liquid on to your face you best work fast ladies because it drys quicker then a tumble dryer on auto pilot and don't budge until you attack it with ya Bioderma! (must remember to go for lighter shade though as for some reason my mind was attempting to think that my skin was more tanned then it is, wishful thinking i recon).

The MAC powder and Clinique mascara are pretty self explanatory but the deodorant came a little out of left field i know but as deodorants go this one smells pretty damn good, also avoiding any sweat pad incidents which is always a bonus in my book. 

Kel x

Monday, 14 January 2013

Get Lost (in a book that is)

Evening lovelies,

Now i will warn you that this is not a normal girly, makeupy post but a book wormish type one. i shall try to keep it short and sweet though so do bare with me.

I love books. There i said it.

I am by no means a book worm but when the right one comes along and catches my eye i just feel like its calling out to me to read it so who am i to ignore such a request hay (especially when you find it in your local charity shop for 50p! Good for your brain and your purse he he).

The reason I am boldly going where a make up blogger probably shouldn't venture is that i felt so strongly about how bloody GOOD this book is that i just couldn't keep it to myself.

The book is called The Book Of Tomorrows By Cecelia Ahern and is possibly fast become one of my favourite books. Has any of you watched P.S i love you with Gerard Butler in?! Well that was based on one of the novels that Cecelia wrote and well if anything involves Gerard Butler then I'm all for it.

This one however shocked me in so many ways its hard to put into words. After the second chapter i was going to give it up as a bad job but decided that i am not a quitter and therefore plowed on but by the fifth chapter i was glad i didn't!

Its a story that has the ability to speak to you without realising, i had nothing in common with the main character yet she managed to teach me things that i feel i wouldn't have thought about had i not read this. She taught me to look beyond what i see on the surface and look deeper not just into the unknown but into myself as well.

I'm not saying you have to read this to be enlightened or even promise that it will do that for you by reading it but i feel i got something out of this book and not just discovering a good plot line. If you like something that has a whole lot of twists, turns and mystery with sadness yet hope built in then give this a bash.

Hope you haven't fallen asleep on me, normal service will resume as usual don't you worry.

Kel x

Saturday, 12 January 2013

I'm back....

Evening all,

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a merry New Year (minus any messy hang overs of course). I've been missing in action for a few weeks due to a nasty cold that has taken over my immune system and refused to bugger off but i think with truck loads of vitamin C and a determination to soldier through i will be just fine so i thought i best get my bottom in gear and start producing some posts for you lovely people.

I do just have to fill you in on one small thing.... i got a new digital camera for Christmas!!!

Santa heard my pleas after all and a new red shiny camera was waiting for me under my tree ready to get my mitts on. I'm still trying to get the hang of it but one of my goals for this year is to take better pictures for you to view so (drum roll please) here is the first of many to come...

Essie Nail Varnish in Lady Like

O yes indeedy do, its a lovely new nail polish for you! Hay it rhymed but that's besides the point, its a nail polish for me actually and it is another gift from good old papa Claus.

This is a gorgeous soft mauve that is perfect for everyday wear, applies like a dream and lasts a good 3-4 days with minor damage especially if you top if off with a good top coat (I'd recommend a Sally Hansen or OPI one personally).

Available from Boots at £7.99 each.

Right that's me done for today but i shall see you again tomorrow my lovelies.

Kel x