Monday, 25 June 2012

Getting started on Youtube?!

Evening all,

Sorry its been awhile, I've been attempting to help my good friend Bex and her partner Ben move into there new bungalow while working 6 days in a row! So I've been a tad pooped in the evenings to blog but it's all calming down now thank god.

So onto tonight's topic of youtubing!

Now this lady here was the main reason i got into watching youtube in the first place!
I love watching her and what she comes up with every time, shes so creative and inspiring
that i even did a woman Wednesday post on her!
Kandee Johnson has recently had a major tragedy with the lose of her dad right before
fathers day though so has taken a step back for a while to be with her family which is
totally understandable and my depth thought and sympathies go out to her they
really do.
But anyways check her out, you'll love her!!!

Beauty Guru's provide alot of knowledge and insight into the beauty world in the respect of products, tutorials and more, i could just sit there for hours soaking it all in.

The thing i really love about them though is there so relatable and down
to earth that you feel like your just watching your friends chat about beauty and that's how I'd
really like to come across like.

My fear i guess is that i wouldn't come across well on camera?
what would i say?
Would people like me?
Is my camera good enough?
What could i give that no one else does?
More importantly would they want to listen to me?

All these things have been holding me back and I'm starting to annoy myself because lets
face it everyone has to start somewhere right?
If you stick to something then practise makes perfect and
you'll improve over time.....

So brace yourselves people you may see me actually nattering to you face to face very soon!!

Kel x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Be still my beating heart.... Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter Review!!

Evening everyone,

Eeeek I'm so excited, i finally got my mitts on one of the most hyped products around and that is the Revlon Colour burst Lip Butters!!!!

I got the shade 080 Strawberry Shortcake (please excuse my No7 concealer tyring to
muscle in on the action there) and i love it!!!
I can defiantly see what all the fuss was about, it smells amazing and there just so creamy on the lips.
I will defiantly be after some more and at the minute theres £2 off them in Boots so
grab them while you can ladies!

I'll be honest and say i was just expecting a tinted lip balm but damn these things can throw
out some colour! This is defiantly on the ultra pink barbie scale which was a surprise
especially after appalling onto foundation covered lips with vigour.
I really layered it on first time not realising that you don't even need much
on to get a lot of colour off!

So ladies what shades shall you be picking up?
Or which ones have you already got?!

Kel x

Friday, 15 June 2012

Storage, Storage, Storage.... has to be Ikea!

Evening all,

Now I'll be the first to admit I'm a little obsessive over things being neat, tidy and well
organised so when it comes to my make up i want it looking the best it can be!

Unfortunately at the moment my make up storage makes me want to poke my eye out so
i was hoping from one makeup organisational tutorial to the other the other day and
noticed a pattern emerging... everyone on the blooming planet seems to have
Ikea storage units!!!

I am loving this vanity table! Its so chic and fresh that i want it so bad....
Hemnes dressing table with mirror £189

Then we have the all important make up storage units, this particular one is
very popular in the states and i can see why... theres acres of room!!
Alex draw unit with 9 draws £81.99

Now this would be perfect if like me at the minute your collection is on the small side
and you just need a little something you can pop on your desk
with a good amount of dividers in.
Moppe mini chest of draws £16.99

Always good to have dividers to hand in bit draws just to section everything off nicely
and to be able to just grab something at a minutes notice
without having to refile through everything!
Rationell cutlery basic unit £10.99

Or you could opted for the plastic option which would be a hell of alot easier to clean!
Rationell variera cutlery tray £1.49

Doesn't it just make you wanna get organised now or maybe that's just me lol.

Happy sorting
Kel x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Maybelline Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Review

Hello ladies,

Hope you've all had a good week!
So onto the business (not to mention mine field) that is Gel eyeliners!
I have Youtubed and Blog hopped my little heart out to find the best reviews of what you guys think are the best gel liners and let me tell ya, guy lot have got a lot of faves.

Afew top running contenders that jumped out at me though had to be the Clinique
and Bobbi Brown ones!
They defiantly were the stars in the staying power and quality department but
at £14 and £19 a hit they were defiantly the up mark of them all.
Don't get me wrong i was quite happy to pay to sample Cliniques offering......
that was until it came to trying to find the damn thing!

I searched high and low but i couldn't even find it in John Lewis which is baffling to me
so when desperate times came to desperate measure and i was running late for my train
i honestly grabbed the nearest thing i could find so i present to you....

Maybelline Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner!!!

The packaging is quite cute and promising to last for 24 hours is a little over the top but
good to know that if you got one hell of a day ahead of ya at least
you won't look like a hot mess in the eyeliner department by the end of it!

The jar is like frosted glass which is nice but i think if I'm fussy id prefer just clear!
But on the plus side it comes with a handy little brush (which I'll be honest i havent tryed yet
due to the fact I'm a snob and have my own but thumbs up for thinking of adding one!

Now onto performance, I have tryed MAC's Black tracks Gel liner before so i have to say
i was defiantly comparing the 2 and i have to say i think MAC came out the winner!

I'm not saying that this is a bad gel liner because it lasts well and is very creamy but
i found that (due to hooded lid syndrome) it landed up on my crease a little.
Which in the grand scheme of things is no big drama but i just want one that is perfect and i don't think this is it!

I shall defiantly be trying out Cliniques next month so shall do a comparison with that!

Have you guys try this one?
How did you find it?!

Kel x

Garnier, Neutrogenar, No7..... it's haul time!!!

Afternoon ladies,

So today is a little look see into what I've been getting my mitts on these past few day,
take a little look and see.....

We have:
"that gal" one of the Benefit freebies in this months Glamour mag
Cotton pads (because you always need those handy)
Tea treat spot treatment (I've been having some crazy break outs for some reason!)
Coconut body butter from Wilkos for my poor dry leggies
& some other bits and bobs i shall be nattering about!

We also have:
Carmex (got the tube version but fancied giving the pot version a try and so far thumbs up!)
Hand wash for when the bathroom
No7 quick fix concealer for blemishes (purchased with a voucher of course)

Now on afew make up collections I've seen people have this lurking in there draws
so when i popped into Morrison's they were having some crazy offers on so
i decided to give it a whirl give that its spose to help
with my over night bags that have surfaced under my eyes!
So far i have to say it's nice and freshening but the colour isn't a great match
and the consistency is abit watery for my liking, it doesn't have enough coverage for me!

I'm always on the look out for a good moisturiser so when i saw this advertised in this months Glamour i thought I'd give it a whirl!
I got it from boots for £4.99 and so far so good,
it smells sooooo good very grapefruity and fresh.
Lovely for waking you up in the mornings and sinks in quite nicely at night, it doesn't feel
greasy or sit on the skin which is never a very nice feeling so defiantly a thumbs up on that.

Good old faithful Carmex, use it on my lips at night so my lips stay lovely and smooth,
it leaves you with a tingly effect which is odd at first but it makes you
feel as if it's working so that's never a bad thing right lol.
Love how Boots points can come in handy when you got no change on ya hehe.

As i said due to my breaking out i had to pull out reinforcements this month so decided
on this bad boy to see if it would be up to the job!
It's a perfect colour match which is nice and covers up the redness beautifully so defiantly
a good buy with my £5 No7 voucher (thank you Boots!)

And lastly my Boots hand wash, now for a £1 i can't really complain.... but I'm going to anyway!
It most certainly doesn't smell of vanilla to me, more like fairy washing up liquid but it does it's
job so it will have to do i spose lol.

Anyway what i have guys been splurging on this month?!

Kel x

Friday, 8 June 2012

What I've seen on my travels....

Evening all,

Due to the change over to BT I have been deprived yet again of Internet but as of today we are back in business people and knowing BT that means for good, woop woop!!!

Anyways on to afew little odds and ends I've seen on my travels recently:

My first ever ice tea!!!
Compliments of Costa it was Raspberry flavoured and
to go along with it i decided on a blueberry muffin!
Ahhhh my 5 minutes of heaven was complete :)

Now i found this lovely looking pot shoved in a cupboard with a naff flower
arrangement in so decided to convert it into my face pot!
In here is a small collection of my travel sized skin care bits including alot of Liz Earl.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm..... that's all i have to say on this one!

My dear friend Lorren (Pinkylorren is here blog, please have a look coz its amazballs)
was telling me the other day how she'd tryed out St Tropez tanning mousse
and raved about it so when i saw this in Morrisons i was curious to
know if it would be a cheap alternative!
(this is £3 the other is £20, massive difference!)

Hehehehehe i just found this amusing,
i use to love Where's Wally?? when i was little.

My newly done up room!
I could be an interior decorator i swear, it took 3 hours of hard graft but
o it was so worth it! i know have a comfy double bed, two side tables that actually match
and a lovely wicker chest at the bottom of it for me laundry!!!

Ooooow to have a beauty cupboard like this aye, well a girl can dream can't she!

So my lovelies i shall be off in preparation for my yummy Chinese that's just
been order and i will speak to you tomorrow :)

Kel x