Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Birthday wishes....

24th April 1990.....

Yep that was when little old me came into this world!!!!
I just like to say thank you to everyone who made my birthday yesterday a lovely one! I got so many wishes and love that even that was enough to make my day..... so thank you friends and family!!!! I love you too :)

Kel x

Kreativ Blogger Award!!!!!

I'd like to say a massive thank you to one of my lovely followers and
an amazing blogger Channel HMC for nominating me for this award.
It means alot that I'm support and i really do appreciate it!!!!
Please check out her bloggy because once your there
you'll be addicted :)


1. Post a link to the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions.
4. Pass to 10 bloggers.

7 Random things.....

1. I support Liverpool Football Club and have a slight thing for Steven Gerrard!

2. I'm into fast cars (Mustangs are my all time favs)

3. I have a secret crush on David Tenant and i ain't got a clue why!
(well it's not so secret anymore lol)

4. I hate vegetables but love love love mushrooms

  5. I don't actually know my 7 & 8 times table!

6. I studied Art & Design at college for 3 years

7. My dream dog would either be a blue eyed husky, a black pug or
a pomskey (cross between a Pomeranian & husky!)

7 Questions:

Favourite song at the moment? Jason Mraz- I won't give up

Favourite Desert? Chocolate custard, mmmmmm!

What drives you insane? Bad manners, it doesn't cost anything to have them you know!

When I'm mad.... it's best to steer clear of me!

Favourite pet? A dog

Black or White? White

Biggest Fear? Roller coasters & scary movies!

My daily attitude? Merry & good humoured

What's perfect? A sunrise, happiness, laughter & the sea

Guilt? 3 sugars in my tea!

I gladly give this award to.....

Thank you again to the lovely Channel HMC for awarding me with this,
i will continue to blog my little socks off now :)

Kel x 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

My love just keeps on growing!!!

Afternoon Lovelies,

Ah the beautiful Miss Kelly Rowland!!!!
Now don't think that just because she copied my name (cough) that's the only reason I'm
writing about her because you'd be wrong.
Not only is she lovely and an incredible singer but her make up to me is nothing short
of perfection.
In this particular picture it's the pop of colour under her eyes that really draws me in,
is takes a classic eye and funks it up abit while also adding personality.
By the looks of things shes used a gorgeous aqua blue shade which
really compliments her skin but i decided to go with a vibrant purple
to suit me personally when recreating this look!

Which is where this little gem comes in handy!
Now I've spoke about the quality of MUA products before so for this fun flirty
look i decided to go with this bargain find at a £1 the quality and
pigmentation is brilliant.
I'll post a picture and possibly even a video of this look when i do it :)

Welcome to.......

Now this is the big daddy of the palettes when it comes to the MUA range!
They usually do alot of bang for your buck with there palettes but
with this one they've excelled themselves,
it hosts 24 colours including Matt, pearl and shimmer and if
that wasn't enough they even give you a mini master class
for how to create a Green smoulder look on the back
in a step by step guide!!!!
How cool is that for £8 aye ladies.

Hope your all having a good day!

Kel x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Guess who's back.....

Its me!!!!!!

Hello everyone :) well what can i say, i wish i could tell you I've been on a glorious holiday or road trip but unfortunately that hasn't been the case! I have had abit of a rough ride lately and it's been really tough but with the love and support of my friends and family they've got me through and i couldn't be more appreciative of them being here for me, so thank you guys!!!!!

Sometimes when life gets you down you got 3 choices.... you can let it define you..... let it destroy you....or you can let it strengthen you! And that's what i chose to let it do! Yeah life can suck arse at times but I'll be damn if its gonna bring me down with it. Of course you need your grieving time but then it's time to look to the future and I'm sure it's gonna be very bright indeed!!!!

Now onwards and upwards to better things such as some of the lovely things iv been admiring on my travels that have made me smile! Get ready for some picture over load lol.

nothing like a pretty bunch of flowers to brighten the mood so thank you
mumsy for these! They made my day.... no idea what they are though lol.

Holy Grail of wardrobes come on down!!!!!
Its covered in mirrors and its got a walk in bit with a Lil light!
Whats not to love people

Who doesn't love abit of love and a union jack aye, I'd defiantly go for these in a living room
with i black sofa i recon!!! Adds a nice pop of colour and after all it's
all about the accessories ladies :) 

Mmmmmm looks so good

I don't know what it is about these bowls but i think there so funky and different!
If anyone feels the same i found the in Homebase.

As i walk to the bus on a Sunday morning i pass this lovely church and every Sunday
as I'm walking through the bells are chimming and people are walking into the
beautiful building ready for the service.
I always see this tiny little door off to the side and i always wonder how any normal human being could possibly fit through it!!!! A dwarf maybe but me not a chance lol.

I love how grand this looks, perfect for a living room or bedroom to
great such glam and elegance i personally wouldn't wanna leave!

Now them Kardashian locks are what we're all striving for I'm sure of it but achieving them
is a whole other ball game! iv tryed straighteners, rollers and a curling barrel so far and
nothing has quite matched up to the idea i have in my little noggin
so when i clocked this in comet i whacked it straight on my
wish list!
Remember people my birthdays only days away!!!!!
(not a very suttle hint was it lol).

Ahhhh it feels so good to be back,
if i had a glass id cheers you to the future :)

Kel x

Sunday, 8 April 2012

A mini round Up

Afternoon people,

I am sooooo sorry i've been absent for the past week but it has not been a good one for me, its been bad news after hospital dashes after tummy bugs over in this part of the world and it's not been pretty i can assure you so i thought it best to stay away till it had all subsided!
The tummy bugs still lingering and the weather is pretty shocking but apart from that we're all good now :)

Weekly Round Up In Pictures!!!

So last week looked a little something like this......

My New Look mini haul!
(which i have try to up load a lil video for but silly blogger wont let me)
Theres a gorgous top which i have to return because my boobs are too big for it :(
The black lil bra thingy which is lovely and soooo comfy!
And lastly my jazzy skirt thats so wrong for this weather lol.

A little glimspe into my experince with scrapbooking!
I am by no means an expert but i gave it a bash for Chris with this
collection of photos of me and him as kiddies
and also other memorable moments!
(if you fancy seeing more please feel free to comment below peeps)

Peterborough UTD V Leaister City
My FIRST ever experince at a football match on Saturday!!!
I was so exicted about this (i know i'm a girl dont worry i haven't forgotten lol)
I was getting into it more then Chris was i think.
I just loved the atmosphere and the passion the fans had.... until the last 5 minutes
when my bladder nearly exploded due to lack of ladies toilets!

I shall be doing a review on these 3 beauties later in the week.
It gonna be a face off (no pun intended there i promise lol) and we'll see who comes out on top!

Now i just had to show you guys this, it's the new Maybeline colour tattoo eyeshadows
I tryed out 5 that where there and no word of a lie they were still clear as day on my mitt
a day later just like they claim they would be!
(dont go thinking i'm a dirty bugger who never washes because i even had
a shower but they remained strong till i attacked them with some
of my Bioderma cleanser!)

My lovely little creation for my beautiful friend Lorren who's birthday it
will be on the 9th April!
(glad you liked it hunny:)
Hope your all well :)
Untill tomorrow my lovelies.....

Kel x

Make-Up loving

Hi lovelies,

How are we all?! Sorry for my long absences but I'm now back and ready to rock and roll!
So now that signs of spring are on it's way it's time to get out of old habits and start trying some new things..... or in my case things that have been out ages and that I'm only getting round to trying now! I will be the first to admit I'm a slow developer but i get round to it in the end and that's the important part here people.

Using the palette underneath (which i shall get to in just a sec) i created this look!
using a the light colour as a base i then went into the crease with the warm browns
and blended to create the well defined areas to add depth. my eyes are quite hooded so i
like to use this technique to open my eyes up abit.
I then went in with a liquid liner (rimmel one i think!) and drew a lovely thick line in
preparation for the false lashes which i got from superdrug by eyelure!
Love this look, its sexy but not in your face which i nice for a date or an evening out to dinner.
I will upload a tutorial soon when i can get a decent camera on the go, promise :)

i-Divine- Au Natural 601 by Sleek Make-Up
Now i know I'm abit behind on the old Sleek palette wagon but I've finally hopped on it, woop!
Thought I'd brake myself in genitally at first with the neutrals then work my way up.
I have to say i defiantly see what all the fuss is about, there soooo cheap for such good
quality! i will most certainly be purchasing more so look out for that!

After hearing gurus such as BeautyCrush speak so highly of this product i couldn't help but
having a Lil dabble to see what all the fuss is about and yet again I'm pleasantly surprised!
The Loreal Telescopic has an extremely fine wand which I'm never normally a fan of
(the bigger the better is my theory ;) hehe. but this is defiantly an exception.
It curls and defines like you wouldn't believe so if your a fan of spider lash effect this is
something you should try.

Yet another LOTD! My i am spoiling you today :)
this is basically similar to the first one but just ahell of alot more suttle and with better
eyebrows! (i re plucked because they were a tad out of control lol.
No falsies in this one, more low key on the crease work and also a
touch of white eyeliner pencil on the water line to make me look more awake!

Thank you Kandee Johnson, you were the bringer of very good news
the other day when you enlightened me to the fact that Urban Decay had complete
had a makeover (no pun intended there) and brought out not only 68 (?) reformulated
shades but also an amazing depotting/ palette concept that has got alot of beauty
gurus talking!
Can't wait to learn more about this and maybe look to invest in my first full palette!!!

So there we have it people, that's all my beauty talk done for the day!
Hope you are all having a lovely Easter Sunday :)

Kel x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Series Of Unfortunate Events......

Evening all,

I am soooo sorry Ive been absent for a whole week now but due to a series of bad news, hospital dashes and tummy bugs i felt it best to stay away until I'd recovered!
Aside from the tummy bug and poor weather i think we're doing all good here again.... well aside from the fact that this is the second time I'm writing this because my computer decided to shut down on me when i was 2 words away from finishing and now due to the fact that i have things to do i can't write it all out again!!!!!

Why does God hate me right now?!

Anyho i shall be back tomorrow and hopefully put up a more successful post for you lovely lot!
But for now i shall leave you with my slightly late.......

Quote For The Week!

I Myself Am Made
Entirely Of Flaws,
Stitched Together
With Good Intentions

Kinda appropriate don't you think?! lol.

Until tomorrow my lovelies, have a good evening :)

Kel x