Monday, 5 March 2012

Quote for the week......

Evening all,

Me again, I'm getting all the Internet usu aged i can outta this bad boy before it decides to go man down on me again (and NO Internet, that's not an invitation to go kaput on me again thank you!). I'm making it my little tradition along with Sunday round up and Women Wednesday to do a quote for the week, every Monday because we all need a little help when Monday morning comes around lets face it, to start the week as we mean to go on. So here's today's for ya:

A Strong Woman
is one who feels deeply
& loves fierecly.
Hers tears flow just as abundantly
as her laughter.....

A Strong Woman
is both soft & powerful.
She is both practical & spiritual.....

A Strong Woman
in her essence
is a gift to the world.....

Well when i read that the first thing that popped into my head was.... YOU GO GIRL!!!! lol. Now I'd would never actually say that out loud because I'd sound silly but god damn it, i sure as hell thought it.

Having strength can have many different meanings to allot of people and it's represented in allot of ways as well. I saw this picture and to me it summed up being a strong woman! I couldn't tell you why but it's just a feeling i got when i looked at it.

O and talking of strong women, i don't know if anyone was following there new series of Got To Dance (which i was unhealthily addicted to i have to admit) but there was these lovely ladies on that made it all the way to the final and who i was really rooting for;

I was having a little boogy in the safety of me living room i have to confess to this particular on but unfortunately no amount of bum wiggling and cheering from me could get them through and they sadly didn't win but I'm confident we'll see them again.
My other favourites however did win, Prodijig. I was beyond excited (i live a very simple life clearly lol) and to celebrated i did a little dance of my own which i shall not be showing you.

Have a great week everybody and i hope that softened the blow of the Monday Morning feeling!

Kel x

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