Welcome to my world!

My names Kelly & theses are possibly a few things you might need to know before venturing much further.....

I am a neat freak..... any mess and it's disappearing. You have been warned!

I'm an old romantic at heart! (is pulling a chair out for a lady to much to ask for theses days)

I think I'm allergic to the sun, quite possibly was a vampire in a former life but can't confirm.

In love with all things beauty, style, travel, random or sparkly!!!

Have ambitions to be a brilliant Make-Up artist one day.

Still can't drive at the ripe old age of 22.... much to everyones annoyance

Do not know or have any interest in learning my 6, 7 or 8 times table.

O & I'm a Taurus so extremely prone to stubbornness, earthy colours and being a good person :)

Anymore questions please feel free to ask

Kel x

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