Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mentions, Monsters & Makeup

Evening all,

So before i ramble on as usual i just have to say Hello to someone..... Ben!

Not his proudest moment but i found it amusing!

He's my boyfriends sister's boyfriend (if that made any sense to you people! lol) and I'm trying to convince him to join my blog so come on Benny boy, join up! You can find out loads of makeup tips and surprise Bex!!!! :).

Anyway back on subject now....makeup!!!

Now this was my bargain of the day, it was a grand total of
And i tell ya what, it took one coat to applie, lasted 3 days without
chipping AND is a beautiful deep Burgundy (my fav).
So head on down to your local Superdrugs and pick yourself up
afew bottles of MUA nail vanish.
This one is number 17 (they don't have names!), think
I'll be aiming for the lilac one next.

Yet another MUA find is there eyeshadows also at £1 each.
There highly pigmented, have some really nice palettes (abit like the Sleek range)
and also have started to do a small Matt collection!
Well worth a look and at such cheap prices you got nothing to lose i say.

Now I'm a big Revlon fan and have been for sometime now, i buy there
colour stay foundation (in 150 buff in case you were wondering lol) all the time
and just think they are such top quality products!
From there lippys to there nail vanishes they do the lot so when i noticed
they've added this primer to the equation i was straight onto it like a blood hound!!!
It's part of there photo ready collection (you gotta try the foundation people!)
and i have to say it's quite good.
Ive only been using it for a week so i want to try it out a tad longer before i give a review.
As for the No7 spot treatment.... what can i say i had a voucher, i get spots so i went for it!
Wouldn't recommend it thought, hasn't made a huge improvement so far anyway.

This big beauty (I'd say little but it's 500ml so bigs defiantly a better description lol)
was on youtube a while ago so i wrote it down in my Lil beauty notebook and the other day i
bought it's with my boots points finally!!!
I was excited to try it because it's a 2 in 1 combo...
shower gel PLUS lotion!
It smells so good with the extra bonus of lasting longer because it's so big plus
smoothing your skin at the same time so you don't have to flap
about with all over moisturising if your in a rush!
Genius or what!
I also would love to try some of there makeup line like there lip balms and
mascara :)

As for little monsters, well ours comes in the form of Poppy!

Don't be fooled by the cuteness, she's had her grubby mitts on 5 pairs of my pants
and here she was trying to upgrade to my socks!
I'm on to you Miss Poppy.

Kel x


  1. awww poppy u cutie! MUA is soo good especially for the price!! xx

  2. Ah dont be fooled my the cutness, its just a cover up!!!! lol. it's brill isnt it, i love the nail polishes and eyeshadow especially :) xx