Monday, 19 March 2012

Quick note before i drawn....

Howdy people,

Sorry its a day late yet again but the weekend wasn't the best of my life so far so i got a tad distracted but we're all good now don't you worry! And i want to just say a quick thank you to Lorren (that's my gorgous new friend at so go check her out!!!!) for being sooo supportive and lovely to me, thank you hun :)

Now this will just be a quick one because i'm off to go drown in a diving pool..... just kidding (i hope:/). i'm off to venture in to the world of deep water arobics so heres hoping it'll be a good experience aye.

Now i've been eating alot of this.....

And spending alot of time in one of these!!!

So thats about my round up of Sunday! lol. Just kidding but thats gonna have to be all
for now people, I'll natter to you all in a bit after my deep water adventure!

Kel x

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  1. Thats ok hun! big thank you 2 you for all your support & help! Mwah :D xoxox