Friday, 24 August 2012


Yes that is the look i make when I'm thinking
& no i don't think it's an attractive look so don't worry.
(Although i must say I'm not as hairy as that, i hope!)
I've been thinking about the goals i want to set for myself and this is my master plan so far:
1. Get theory test CD
2. Take theory test & pray i pass!
3. Take 5 day intensive driving course
4. PASS!!!!
5. Congratulate myself with a rose tattoo on my hip.
Sounds like a plan to me!
Except what i haven't told you is that this will be my 3rd time taking this bloody pain
in my nether regions test and that I have been taking driving lessons
for 3 years now!
So you can possibly understand why this might be a mammoth task for me.
Keep everything crossed for me peeps.
Kel x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Have you seen this person????


Sorry I've been missing for soooo long but I've been a busy little bee!

I also have to admit something..... blogging is HARD!

I think i was putting to much pressure on myself to keep up with this crazy beauty blogging world
and i felt i was majorly lagging behind so from now on i shall just
put what i damn well please.

It'll be random, it'll be from outta the blue and it shall be about anything
that pops into this little head of mine.

So please stay with me people, your all lovely and
i wouldn't wanna lose ya :)

Kel x