Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's Woman Wednesday!!!

Good evening people,

We have lift off! No more no Internet, woop woop (god hope i haven't just jinxed it, o well). Before i waffle on about my inspirational female of the week i just wanted say I've just order Pro long wear concealer (NC 15 in case you were wondering, yes i know i am a milk bottle!) and also Mineralize skin finish in Light from MAC. I had to let out a little excited squeak when i pressed the order button lol sad i know but make-up excites me, what can i say I'm easily pleased and a cheap date to boot!

Anyway i wanna talk about Sandra Bullock tonight, I have loved her ever since seeing her in the hit movie Speed and my love and admiration has just grown ever since.

She has humour (a hell of alot of it in two weeks notice, check it out it's well worth a look especially if you have a thing for Hugh Grant which I'm ashamed to admit i kinda do). She has class and wisdom. And just a pure love for what she dos and its inspiring.
Also the fact that she has adopted a baby boy that she loves more then anything in this world isn't enough, she's now raising him on her own after her nasty husband did the dirty and left her for Kat Von Dee, god only knows why!
Sandra Bullock has a lovely warm nature yet also i strength and determination that shines through and that's why i love her.
Check out one of her films sometime and you'll see what i mean :)

Bye for now,
Kel x

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Internet, Quotes & Confusion

Hi everyone,

Think its safe to say we all hate Monday and im no different. I managed to soldier on through my day, got home to put up a blog post about all the lovely things i got from my shopping trip and to do my first "quote for the week" but low and behold the damn internet refuses to coopertae again!
So here it is, what should of been Mondays new tradtion has temporarally moved to Tuesday;

Having a rough morning?!
Place your hand on your heart,
can you feel that?
That's called purpose,
your alive for a reason so

Not half bad aye.

Anyho today i'm gonna write about my bits & bobs (shopping i mean, you dirty buggers i knew what you were thinking lol). This was spose to be yesterdays post but i'm playing catch up yet again so please bare with me here!

I don't quite know what possessed me to take a picture of the
couch steps but i felt it was meaningful for the
start of our trip!
(driver sure gave me an odd look though lol)

TKMax bag department! I needent say anymore.

Soooooo pretty! And the exact colour i've been looking for,
trouble is i forgot to get it on the way back :(

Just thought they were quite cool soap despencers

Loooooove the pink frames!!!

My lovely bot bot in H&M, i did infact buy theses jeans
i like my butt in them that much!

M.A.C of course and boy did i take my time in there!
But i shall talk more about that later

Just lil old me!

All my lovely goodies!!!

Lavenda bra & panties from next!
because who dosent need a new bra and pants and to be fair i did lol.

Lacey dollys shoes from a bargain cheap shop!
There was so many to chose from that it was hard to chose but
the sensible thing to do was to go for these.

Interview outfit from H&M, i love there clothes there right up my street
and just right for what i need it for1

No when i say i needed new tights i mean i had ventilation holes in my old ones!
The Benefit counter in Debahamnas kindly gave me some samples
to try so i will be review those lovelys.
And as for the ring, we theres a story about that but il reveal it soon i promise.

So there you have it, i finally got round to the shopping haul and now im off to sweat it out the the gym. Hopefully i will talk to you guys tomorrow, all being well.

Kel x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Once upon a time......

...... far, far away lived a beautiful princess.

I loved Disney princesses growing up and still to this day i could sit through Aladdin or Ariel and love every minute of it.
And as a self confessed big kid at heart, while we was shopping i had to make a pit stop at THE DISNEY STORE!!!!! i was so excited, i did a little dance at the door lol (sad i know but i really don't care).
If you were to ask me to pick my favourite all time Disney movie though the answer every time would be..... Beauty & The Beast!
I think it could be the fact that when i was growing up she was the only brunette of all the Disney princesses but it's also because i was enchanted by her. Just the whole tale in general to be honest.
So as you can imaging as soon as i walk in and see THIS i went to investigate;

 How cool is this!!!! It's an arch way you walk through and it brings
you out front of these 3 mirrors (as you can see in background).
AND if that's not enough it doubles as a walk in
wardrobe, he he! Told you it was cool :)

These were beautiful and such a creative idea. They were blank cut out trees,
they looked like they were from a Forest or Kenya! And they had
Disney movies projected onto them. I got abit mesmerised by 
them i have to admit.

Ah if only they did these outfits in my size id be in heaven but unfortunately
they only went up to size 3/4 :(, not even big enough to fit my arm
in a suspect but hay ho a girl can dream cant she!

And here's mumsy again, she was rather fond of this monsters inc. creature but
i managed to price it off her in the end. Bless her cotton socks :)

I'm off to sleep to dream of being a Disney princess now,
whats your favourite all time Disney character?!

Kel x

Shoppin till you droppin......and i sure did drop!

Howdy there,

Well after days of being deprived of Internet access, iv finally manged to get my mitts on my blog again. Yay!!!! i have so much to tell you, mainly evolving a lovely haul :)

I will get to that shortly, first and for most is the Sunday Round Up!

The Good:

- LIVERPOOL WINNING THE CARLING CUP!!!!!! woop woop lol. Who ever thought 4 years ago id be saying that, certainly not me that's for damn sure. But it's true, i couldn't be more happy that they won and they really deserved it, after 6 years i think it was a tad over due to be brutally honest but they got there in the end and that's the main thing here. (that's all the football talk done, i promise)

- My shopping trip to Miltan Keynes!!!! Another lovely moment to wack in the memory bank, that i took with my mumsy..... who will kill me or even worse disown me if she sees there pictures I'm about to put up on here of her! (sorry mum).

(more picture to follow later)

The Bad:

- The stonking cold that seems to have taken over my synesis! I'm gonna have to start taking out shares in tissues before long, this thing is refusing to budge and I'm refusing to sound like I'm permanently wearing a peg on my nose for the remainder of my days!!! So me and the nasty bug which is my cold have reached a stale mate at the moment.

- The annoyance that is BT. The fastest and best broad band in the world you say?! i beg to differ, 3 days of being kept away from blogging is not acceptable in my book and boy does a poor BT worker in a call centre somewhere up north know the brunt of my annoyance! Bet he wish he called in sick that day ha ha.

The Ugly:

- I can't really think of an ugly...... not one that you'd appreciate hearing about anyways!

Right now its time to dabble in a Lil show and tell :)

Kel x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Women who inspire me....... Beyonce

Hi there,

Being a girl I'm really into women empowering others to success ed and believe in themselves.
When i was in my second year of college doing art & design i did a project called Women! I looked at icons from the past and present, researched on there roles in history and how they influenced other to achieve there loves, passions and desires like Emily Pankhurst, who fought for women's right to vote and because of her passion and dedication it inspired other to do the same and there fore won them the vote!!!!!!

I've always believed that a woman show never rely on a man and that we should be our own person. Even with being in a relationship for so long, i don't rely on Chris. Could be down to the fact that he's never here but that beside the point lol. Given that i do share myself with him, it's really hard to stay focused on myself and my ambitions when you have someone else to worry about but when i start to lose my way alil i always turn to women who inspire me and that's what I'll be writing about.

So Beyonce.......

Obviously I love her music and she is amazingly beautiful, I'd have to be blind not to see that but what draws me to her is her passion. Her determination to never stop, to achieve what she feels she is destined for and to reach out to other and let them know its OK to be who they are, to really embrace it and be proud of themselves in what ever they set out to do.
This is the moment when i saw a whole other side to her:

From then on whenever i hear her music, i think of this video and it gives her music a whole new meaning!

I hope this has made you feel as empowered and proud to be a woman as i does me :)

Kel x

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes........

Good afternoon everybody,

Ever have one of them days where you've got like 5 minutes to get your butt in some clothes and get out the door but you're frozen in front of your wardrobe, transfix on the fact that your literally have NOTHING to wear?!

I hate them moments and lately them seem to be occurring more often then not, much to the annoyance of everyone around me! The boss doesn't tend to be to sympathetic to the fact that your late because of a wardrobe malfunction for some reason, can't think why lol.

(your dribbling too aren't ya :)
With a wardrobe like this I'd have no problems!!! But back in reality mine leaves alot to be desired, in fact its so pat hectic I'm shocked I'm even able to go out in public fully clothed.
So what i like to do is look for inspiration, with colours, cuts and what works together:

Loooooove the studded detailing on the jacket, the colours neutral
so it'll go with anything! As for the skirt, well
my legs would killer in it :)

Now don't get me wrong I am a fan of Rihanna but she can wear some
odd get ups. Having said that, this outfit I could
defiantly see myself in! Off the shoulder
is sexy yet low key and i would rob
her for that handbag!

I am in love with this colour, it's vibrant, creative and just the sight
of it makes me happy even if my favourite colours red I'm
willing to make this second best! Yet its one of the
hardest colours to find, i have not seen one
single top in it!

I know Rihanna again (don't panic I'm not obsessed here), i just
am really digging the all in black! I'd never put people through
the trauma of seeing me in leather pants mind you but i like
the idea. Also what grabs me is the Lil pop of leopard
print because lets face it, who can resist abit
of leopard print here! 

Brilliant casual, yet put together look. I'd probably side step the glasses due
to the fact that I'd look like a boarding school matron in them but
apart from that i want the whole look! Am defiantly gonna
work on this for myself.

Never in a million years would i be able to achieve this myself, even if i
have done art & design for 3 years at college! But it combines 2 of
my favourite things, leopardness and red! Sexiness
for the nails right?!

Kel x

Monday, 20 February 2012

still catching up/ sunday round up espisode 2!!!

Again this is Sunday...... I know its not but just humour me here would ya.

Due to yet more disruptions from my lovely partner in crime i missed my second Sunday round up!!! I was not impressed believe me, i did indeed have stern words with him that resulted in a tiggleing show down (which i won but he'd say otherwise, typical bloke!).

Any ho on to more important things;
The Sunday Round Up!!! (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!)

The Good;

- Seeing Chris and enjoying a weekend of loveliness (if you know what i mean ;) lol)

- Getting an amazing opportunity to have a chance to work for a brand i have loved for years, can't go to  much into detail in case i jinx it but I've got everything crossed it goes well (so much so I'm finding it tricky to walk, ha ha) and just researching up to my eyeballs on everything i think i might need to know!!!
- Just generally appreciative of having some really good people around me that are happy to help me along in life, for example Bex for getting me such a great opportunity despite her having a huge work load of her own! (She's a solicitor so she does alot of officey type stuff lol).

The Bad;

- Having to say good bye to Chris, never a nice moment :(
- Having short term term memory lose! It's a bugger when your trying to recap your week and all you seem to be able to remember is what you had for breakfast that morning (even that's abit sketchy!).
- Being deprived from seeing The Vow, the ultimate in girly chick flickyness staring the gorrrrrrrrgous Channing Tatum (insert dribble here........). The trouble is no one in my family appreciate the beauty of a good ogling session, that's what it is i recon.

The Ugly;

- Being woken up in the early hours to discover the dogs been sick all down the stairs and there being a high possibility you may have trodden in it on the way to the loo in a state of unconsiouness! (I did warn you it was ugly!).

- And that due to to much vigorous exercise, and no i don't mean THAT kind (well mostly i don't mean that) i now have a funny hip! Unfortunately i don't mean funny ha ha, i just mean odd because i know no other way to describe it. It makes a weird popping noise and it makes me walk like I've just escaped from a mental hospital, an attractive image i know.

So that's my round up of the week, sorry the timings was abit off and completely seem to have missed Saturday but i assure you i will be back on track from tonight!

Kel x

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Catch up!!!

Right pretend this is Friday..... Hi, Happy Friday!

Don't worry i know it's Sunday, at least i think it is..... anyway due to the arrival of Chris Friday night i got temporarily distracted from my blogging duties but conceding the fact that it has been several weeks that I've been deprived of him i think I'm entitled to get distracted! (that's my defence and I'm jolly well sticking to it!).

He's home from camp till tonight so we've been snuggled up at home and admiring his new car, and when I say we here I do mean him but being the supportive person I am i joined in lol. It sucks onions that I get to see him so rarely but i wouldn't have it any other way because as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder and my hearts gotten pretty fond of him by now (we finally managed to calculate that in August this year we would have been together 5 YEARS!!!!!). When you've know someone for that long, been through the experiences we have together and basically spoken everyday since we've met it's hard to picture a life without him.

Obviously there are times that I'd love to donk him round the head with a dirty great, wet kipper but no matter how mad i am with him, he never fails to make me smile! He's my best friend and my lover all rolled into one and despite the distance and the stress of wondering if he's safe or got himself into abit of a pickle, i wouldn't be without him.

Despite the fact that he's the least romantic person in the world!!!!! I know you may think I'm over reacting here but i can assure you that he was born minus the romance gene. After this amount of time though i have come to terms with the fact that i will never receive any grand gestures of love or even a soppy card for that matter (or any card at all even!) because it's just who he is.....doesn't mean i can't moan about it though he he.

Anyways that's Fridays day summarised, onto Saturday!

Kel x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

What make-up means to me by ME

Ahhhh my dream vanity table.....

Anyway back to the matter at hand, why i love make-up and why i would love to make it my career!
I've always been abit of a day dreamer, when i was a kid and anyone asked me what it was i wanted to be when i grew up the answer would always be archaeologist! (odd choice i know but the heart wants what it wants!).

When i was deciding on choices for college the one that stood out to me most was art &design because it was a chance for my creative juices to flow and to express on paper and other art forms how i felt. Also to explore my love of colour and building on ingenious ideas. I loved it!!!!

Trouble came when i hit my 3rd and final year, I didn't have a clue where to go or what to do with my skills so when left i started working full time at the craft shop I'd been at as a Saturday girl. Now don't get me wrong i love working and meeting new people everyday and i love getting to be creative and come up with new ideas but i always felt as if i was destined for more.

It wasn't until about a year and a half ago that the thought struck me...... be a make-up artist! I was doing my make-up at the time, doing something funky with eyeliner and i just thought to myself this is what i love doing. I get to be creative, work with colours, meet new people, experiment with lovely make-up products that i could drool over all day and most importantly of all make women feel beautiful.

When i was a teenager i had no confidence and i just felt like one big mess! I use to look at my gorgeous best friend and think "why cant i be like her?!". It wasn't really till i left college that i started to see myself as an individual and really start to feel pretty. Don't get me wrong I'm by no means a model here but with the power of make-up and afew compliments, I've started to see myself as not half bad! Make-up is not a mask or something to hide behind because your afraid to show the world the real you, it's a way of expressing yourself and just really a tool to enhance whats already there!

I know how it feels to be an ugly duckling and to have blossomed into what i am today, i realise i still have alot of growing and developing to do as a person and i still have alot of insecurities as anyone does but make-up has helped me have the confidence i need to wake up in the morning and say you know what i ain't half bad ;)

That's how i want to make others feel about themselves, i want women to know they are beautiful and to really feel it and believe it! And if i can make them do that then I'm doing my job right.

Sorry that was abit of an essay but when you love something and feel passionate about it you tend to have alot to say! lol.

Thanks for listening,

Kel x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Products, Creations & ME!

Back again,

Here's afew things that took up my day.....

Nice right?! Also looks so technical (and we all know how i feel about technology by now lol). I've been considering getting a net book for ages but then the other day a friend told me about one of these beauties.... a tablet! I know what you're thinking, i thought it too, what do i want a pill for right (ha ha joking obviously :/). Any ho its got loads of benefits including being small and having an in-built camera so I've just been weighting up whether to purchase it or not.

Liz Earle hand repair cream (for my nasty, rough mitts) & Calvin Klein pinky lippy in 208 illusion:
The cream smells and feels lovely. And the lippy is so pretty, simples!!!

Ingredients needed: 3x jars (of different sizes), ribbon, labels, a pen & bits and bobs to fill it with! That's really all there is to it, i just needed alil something to liven up my dresser and hold my brushes in and this just kills to bird with one stone, or jam jar in this case!

And as for this, I'm sorry but I'm still kinda obsessed with my black & white setting on me camera lol.

Hope you've had a good day,

Kel x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I live to tell the tale so let's talk about make-up!!!

Evening all,

After what can only be described as an eye opening experience into the world of Muay Thai (kick boxingy thingy mjig lol) i can safely say i survived it with some slightly complacent limbs that i may forgot excised but despite my inability to even get out of bed this morning, and no it had nothing to do with the fact it was 7am and when my Tootsie poked outside the covers it shot straight back in again protesting about the cold!

Any who on to the matter at hand....... MAKE-UP!!!
Basic history lesson;
Age 0-17: NEVER bother with make-up! (thought lip liner was something bizarre that you put on your eyes for crying out loud!)
Age 18-now: LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! Look at me know (well 2009 when i was really getting into the swing of it but you get what i mean.)
Told you it was gonna be basic lol.

I'd been looking at beauty blogs for ages, Kandee Johnson being my favvvvvv (check out here blogs, you won't regret it!) and one day i was doing my make-up and just thought why the heck don't i do this for a living!!!! i heart make-up + i heart people = so why not make people feel wonderful about themselves and help the to see the beauty i do in them!

I'm just practising at the moment but I've done a few parties and in August I'm doing MY FIRST WEDDING!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEK. I am beyond excited and cannot wait for the opportunity to make someone feel so beautiful on the most specialistic day of there lives :)

So get ready for alot more Lil pickys evolving make-up coz I'm gonna be making it a big part of my life hopefully and with any luck I'll be a successful make-up artist (positive mental attitude that is, it's a new years resolution of mine I'm putting into practise so please don't think I'm deluded here lol).

There you have it, i shall go and punish me self some more at the gym now.
Enjoy your romantical evenings people.

Kel x 
P.S. I know its valentines day (i haven't completely lost all sense of timing....yet) but I'm avoiding thinking about it due to the fact that;
A. My boyfriends away at camp in north Yorkshire, 156 mile away to be precise.
And B. i sent him a loving text as soon as my brain was Abel to handle texting and all he sent back was "not in the mood". Could anyone tell me where i can get a new model please, i think mines broken!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Muffins, 4am & funny faces

Good evening all,

Due to our justice system being CRAP my head didnt hit my extreeeeeeeeemly comfy pillow until approximately 4am this MORNING. Needless to say i was not in the best of moods (well would you be?!) so decided on the pure basis of being sleep deprived i desearved a muffin! (see below for details, ha)

And as for the funny faces....... i JUST discovered the black and white setting on me phone lol. (After almost a year of having my phone i shamefully admit, did warn ya i was a techno phobic though!).

I'm off to go crawl under my duvet now, ahhhh my lovely duvet how i've dreamt about you all day long!

O bugger..... I've just remembered i've signed up for a kick boxing class tonight with a national boxing champion! O moses, shepards pie and all that is holey moley, what have i DONE!

If i survive this, tomorrow I'll be talking make-up!!! What i reason to survive aye lol.

Kel x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

New traditions

Now I'm thinking considering this is going to be a regular undertaking (blogging that is!) i might as well have a Lil tradition and i came up with....... Round up Sundays!!!! Basically the GOOD, the BAD and the down right UGLY of my week.

Despite having the memory capacity of a goldfish i shall do my best with this one so here goes..... the pilot of ROUND UP SUNDAYS!!!!! (eek I'm kinda excited, don't judge me lol).

The Good;
- Finally concurring my fear of modern technology and becoming a full time blogger (who kinda knows what there doing)
- Seeing Chris!!! Even if it was only for 3 hours, still enough time to have a good oogle at that lovely bottom and gorgous blue eyes (im only human after all).
- Catching up with my lovely friend Char, who i miss and need to pursuade to come to the gym (shes a smoker so fears of a collapse lung are high on her list of reasons to avoid me and my gym pass!)

The Bad;
- The fact that i hit a 80 year old man round the head with my favourite River Island (ultimate ebay bargain of the year may i hassen to add) handbag and possibly gave him concusion as i was getting off the bus this morning! Yet another positive reason why i should stop being a wuss and pass my driving test!
P.S. If by some insain chance or in a parelle universe the old man in question ever reads this blog, i am SOOOOOOOOOO sorry about that!

The Ugly;
- The weather...... thats all i have to say for THAT one!

So hope you've enjoyed that, think i may have strained a brain cell remembering all of that but i got it off my chesticles in the end and thats the main thing here!

Till tomorrow

Kel x

Saturday, 11 February 2012

I think my thermometers broken!!!!

-16c, that's -16c in case anyone thought they miss read that! In lincolnshire of all places.
I have 6 layers on my top half (including 2 coats!) and 7 layers on my bottom half involving some stratigically place underwear.

But anyways enough about my brief situation (no pun intended there lol) and on to the matter at hand, the weather! Artic conditions and that just in the shop..... it was -2c in there when i arrived today and didnt get much better,hence why at half 2 i was sat on the sofa with a nice brew watching the footy! (liverpool v Man U, which we, liverpool lost again something im choosing to move on from here.)

Anyho wherever you are and whatever temperature it is I hope your all having a good one!
I'm now off to embark on my life long ambition to make an upside down snowman :)

Kel x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Well hello there......

This is me.....errr, hello!

And this is Chris, my person!
We've put up with each other for almost 4 years
now (atleast we think thats how long its been!)

He appears to have to have neglected to tell
me about the chocolate on my chin, from
the ice cream he forced on me may i add!

A trip to the zoo resorting in the zoo people and us
questioning if this is indeed his natural habitat and
whether we should leave him there!
(Tempting i tell ya)

See what i mean, he fitted right in!!!!! lol.
O yeah and i forgot to meantion, he's a soldier in the
Queens Royal Lancers and in 2009 he left for Afghanistan
for 7 months! (Longers but most proudest few months
of my life i tell ya)

So there we go, now you've got a slightly better over view
of my life.... well kinda.
(most of the time i wanna stangle this boy but hay ho lol)

Kel x