Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Women Wednesday- Kandee Johnson

Hi Guys,

I think you may all know what this post might be about by know so without further ado i present to you......Kandee Johnson!!!!

I love this woman, she's awesome!!!!! Not only is she an extremely skilled Makeup Artist that has done incredible things with makeup that i didn't even think were possible but she's also a lovely person inside and out!
I think she's the type of person you'd meet and instantly want to be friends with you know. Kandee is so down to earth, warm and most of all FUN! She never takes herself to seriously and treats each day like a new adventure. Her babies are her ultimate priority and you can just tell there her world, with daily blog posts on what there all getting up to that day.
When i first started watching her Youtube videos afew years ago now the think that drew me to her was her honesty and there was a kinda sadness in her eyes. That could be down to everything she's been through in her life that she talks about her;

She's real, honest and open about who she is and what she's been through, i admire her courage, bravery to stand up for herself and just her spirit of never letting the bad people of this world to bring you down because life is to full of things to smile about to let that stuff bring you down, right guys?!

Hope you all have enjoyed my WW with Kandee, have a good evening :)

Kel x

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