Tuesday, 13 March 2012

slippery seats, prettyful flowers & lovely products.....

Howdy peeps,

Soooooooo pretty :) (bought for a friends birthday)
Although i was quite tempted to nab them for meself but
me and real flowers don't mix to well so decided to stick to my fake ones!

You'll never guess where i found these leather seats...... On a BUS!!!
I was so shocked i had to take a picture (don't worry this will be my only ever seat shot i promise)
They usually have really naff material ones so this was a nice upgrade
with one slight problem, they were slippery Lil suckers!
On minute i was texting the next i was nearly on the floor!
(I'm not ashamed to admit i was butt clenching the whole way to work on these bad boys!)

My creation for my mumsy :)

This Lil gems been so hyped by youtubers and make up artists that i had to try it,
the bubble wrap was like fort Knox though! I swear to god not even
James Bond could get into this bugger easily!
(I'll keep you updated how i get on with it don't you worry)

My little supermarket sweep
(from left to right)
1. Trevor Sorbie beautifully straightened soothing balm
(i straighten alot so thought id try this and so far I'm might impressed!
i bought it in travel size like most things first to try then if i really like I'll
buy in full size, genius right?! lol)
2. Wella silvikrin shiny hold hairspray
(smells AMAZING and for hairspray that's rare! Defiantly another big buy
due to the fact that it also holds in gale force winds!!!)
3. Garnier Fructis styling mousse (body & volume)
(only used once so can't really say but another nice smelling one so that's always a good thing)
4. Bioderma H2O cleanser for sensitive skin
(will keep you informed on this beauty)
5. Classic Carmex moisturising lip balm
(tastes disgusting yet smells lovely, how odd is that?! lol. but sooo
moisturising, i put it on just before bed so i got smoooooooth lips for morning, O Yeah)

That's me for now people, I'm off to sweat it out in the gym!
Bye for now....

Kel x

P.S Do you prefer righting to the side or going down the centre like this?????
i can't decide so maybe you guys could help :)
Cheers x

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