Friday, 9 March 2012

What a beautiful day......

Good morning everyone!
Loves sunflowers!

Can't quite explain why I'm in such a chipper mood today but i am so there! Anyho on to what I've just treated myself to, after all if we can't treat ourselves once in awhile no one else will.
Now I'm an avid ed admirer of The Pixiwoo Sisters and have been for sometime now so when i heard that Samantha Chapman had teamed up with Real Techniques to create a range of brushes (which by the way the sisters use alot in there tutorials!) and that they were stocking them in well i nearly feel off my lovely, padded office chair!!!
i have never gone to a web page and order anything so quick in my life, if i was in the Olympics id of got a gold for my speediness, that's for damn sure lol. So now I'm just waiting for them to arrive, i order the set of 5 starter set brushes (the purple ones below in the holder) and also there core collection of face brushes which come in the same holder but comes with 4 brushes i believe.
But the shocking thing which i was having palpitations over was the price..... £21.99 for each set! i tell ya I've never been so grateful that my chair was so sturdy before lol. WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!!!

 Bring on next Wednesday when the are due to arrive in my local boots for collection!!! i put up a post when i get my Lil mitts on them don't you worry :)

Kel x

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  1. im soooo excited - we NEED these!! cant wait to get them and to see urs woopp!!!