Monday, 26 March 2012

Quotes & Luscious Lips

Howdy girlys,

Been having a good day have we?! What with all this beautiful weather comes bright colours especially when it comes to our Lil suckers (lips people lips, don't be thinking naughty now lol).

Now i L.O.V.E Kim Kardashians makeup!
I'm not overly keen on here but her makeup is something else.
The detail and just how flawless it is is to me a piece of art.
But anyway back on subject, i love the pop of colour on the lips!!!
Not something i could personally pull of but we defiantly heading towards
the right shades for summer :)

17 lipstick in Beehive
Sooooo moisturising and such a pretty pinky/peach colour!
I was aiming for getting a replacement of Barmy Beige but they were out of stock
so i chose this Lil beauty instead and boy am i glad i did!
(i also had a boots voucher for money off 17 products so another added bonus)

Not quite Kim's fuller pout but it'll do so you can get the idea!

What I'm really after though is Revlon's Lip Butters but when i went into Boot's especially all that was left was the testers!!!! So I'm defiantly on a mission for those bad boys.

Bring on the summer aye ladies :)

Quote Of The Week

The Greatest
Pleasure In Life
Is Doing
What People
Say You
Cannot Do!!!!

Damn right it is!!!! If you believe in yourself then nothing else can stop you no matter what anyone else has to day so start believing today ladies because you can all achieve great things!!!!

Your Kel x

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  1. That lippy is gawjus on you hun!
    Love kim kardashians make up look! xx