Friday, 9 March 2012

Love me some freebies!!!

Me again,

Now don't get me wrong here I'm not all about the goods but when it comes down to magazines with Lil goodies going free i ain't one to hold back! Especially if things like this are involved:

Now i love abit of Glamour (mags & in general :) but add some Percy & Reed London
Hydrating mask and I'm all over it like a tramp on chips!!!

Came along just at the right time too, my hair is crying out for some TLC.

And as if one good find wasn't enough while i was in the magazine section
this just happened to jump into my innocent hands as well!

I have used this mascara everyday since i got it! And as for the scrub well.... see below.

Only the most essential things wind up in the bathroom cabinet! (mainly due to lack of
space but that's beside the point here).

No real reason for this picture, i just really liked the way i did my hair that day! lol.
Can i recreate it again? Can i HECK! My hair refuses to do this again,
that's why i figured id treat it with the hair mask to try and bribe it lol.

Till next time,
Kel x


  1. you have such good taste in magazines LOL cant belive we got same ones and then blogged, how funny lol! xx

  2. i know! that is sooo freaky lol defo a great minds think alike moment there hun :) xx