Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Foundations knock out round.... but who will win?!

 Evening all,

Noticed anything different??? Yes your right i did abit of redecorating over the weekend, i just felt this was alot more my style and it's always nice to have a freshen up every now and again :)

Anyways on to more important matters at hand.... Foundations!
Afew months ago in Boots they were doing a buy 3 get the cheapest free offer and at the time i was in desperate need of some new foundation but fancied trying something new. Now considering there had been a few new release at the time that had been spoke about in the beauty community i felt a comparison post coming on!

So I'd like to introduce you to my 3 contestants;

From left to right we have:
Bourjois Healthy Mix in No 52 Vanilla
L'oreal Paris Lumi Magique in C1 Rose pearl
Rimmel London Wake Me Up in 103 True Ivory

First up we have Bourjois Healthy Mix (not the newest release one),
now i will admit i have tryed this one before and loved it so i went for the safe
bet a little with this but i just had to give it another go.
First off it smells amazing, no other foundation in my opinion compares to this smell
its a mix of gorgeous fruits such as Apricot and Melon with some ginger thrown in!
It also has great coverage, with 2 pumps it covers your whole face and evens out skin tone
perfectly (if your very pale skinned though I'd go for the lightest shade No 51).
I'd say it has a medium coverage and is defiantly builder able and for £10 I'll defiantly
be buying this bad boy again! 

Now this was probably the one i was look forward to most just because I'd heard really lovely things
about how it luminates the skin and gives brilliant coverage but i have to say this
was defiantly my greatest disappointment!
To start with i think i got the wrong shade, i have yellowy undertones to my skin and this
is more suited to someone with more pinker tones for sure.
As for the coverage, well i have an oily t-zone so by afternoon it was slipping right off and
the texture of it on your skin feels slippery (if that makes sense??) it almost just sits
on the skin rather then blending into it. And the only luminosity i got was from my oily face! lol.
It would possibly work better for dry to combination skin i think but it's a light to
medium coverage i would have said.

I'm not a hundred percent sure what i was expecting with this one but i thought I'd give it a
bash plus i quite liked the colourful lid lol.
Apart from the shade being all wrong i think this was quite a success!!!
I was waaaaay to dark for me but the texture was quite nice and it went on evenly giving
amazing coverage as it went, defiantly a medium coverage with build able possibilities!
It didn't really smell of anything but that's not a bad thing so I'd say if you got the right
shade you'd be on to a winner with this one!

Over all my clean favourite would be the Bourjois Healthy Mix which i will be repurchasing
due to the fact iv almost used it all but defiantly creeping up in second would be Rimmels
Wake Me Up for sure.
As for L'oreals one, i think that maybe heading in my friends direction lol.

Hope this has been helpful ladies

Kel x

Saturday, 26 May 2012

To BB or not to BB, that is the question!!!

Evening all,

So for sometime now there has been a buzz in the beauty world surrounding BB creams, whether good or bad reviews they've been talked about and I'm extremely intrigued to know why!

There has been plenty on the market but the leader seems to be Garniers Skin Renew BB cream!
This miracle product promises a combination of lovely things to happen to your skin that i only thought dreams were made of. It not only protects from the sun with it's SPF's but it also has moisturiser, anti-ageing properties and makeup primer thrown in for good measure along with what claims to be quite a good coverage for basically a tinted moisturiser with extra bits lol.

Now what i found interesting was why they created BB creams in the first place... apparently it originates from Asia and it was created some years ago for women going for chemical peels and wanted abit of coverage while recovering but with normal foundations being to harsh for such sensitive skin they invented the marvel that is BB cream (blemish balm but some like to claim its actually called beauty balm... it's not lol) too provide the extra protection they needed to help with the recovery process.

The only slight draw back i see is the fact that there is very limited shades with the Garnier only providing light or medium but they do offer normal or an oil free version which as an unfortunate oily faced person i greatly appreciate!

So roll on payday because i shall be heading straight to Boots and whacking up a bad arse review so keep your eyes open for that :)
(I'd say eyes peeled but that sayings always freaked me out lol)

Whether your enjoying Euro vision or just any normal telly that doesn't involve peculiar behaving people, have a good evening!

Kel x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Milk bottle legs, vicious swans & Poppy

Me again,

Theres me with whiter then white it's self legs making a brief apparence today, trouble is 10 mintues
after this picture i had to abort my tanning mission and head indoors due to
heat rash!! The price you pay for being so damn pale, can definatly
see vampires view point when it comes to the sun now thats for sure lol.

This is my evidence photo for anyone that denies the fact that the sun actually 
made an appearance this year!

Little snippet of my walkiey with poppy wop, who was naughty hence why i think she
was ignoring me in this video lol.

Hope your all enjoying the sun

kel x

MAC Take 2

Evening all,

Nearly didn't think this post was gonna happen due to temperamental tinternet troubles again so I'm gonna write this really fast in case it decides to go loopy on my arse again for being mean to it!!!

So yesterday i ran through afew previous collections by MAC so far this year that had caught my so today il be showing ya a sneak peak at whats to come :)

MAC Hey Sailor
(May 2012, out now!)

Now come on, how sexy is this?! Hot to trot people and i love it!
Now summers on its way the nautical themes really coming back with a bang
so it fits in perfectly with that!

I'm loving the packaging, it's different to the usual which makes a nice change from the black
and makes you feel like your getting something a little extra special.
The collection is full of lovely goodies from sun tints with SPF 20 and nail lacquer to
To the beach body oils!!!

Then theres this gorgeous highlighting powder in Crew (hehe get it??)
that has a beautiful blend of pink, purple and peach with an undertone of cream highlight
all swirled together I'm sure it creates a lovely little concoction.

Another thing that caught my beady little eye was these sun tints with SPF 20 in!!
It comes in 3 shades; the one above is Abalone, a hot hot pink,
Sea Mist which is a warm peachy tone,
& Au Rose, a lovely coral pink with fusions of gold pearl.

Extended Play Lash
(Due out end of May 2012)

Now this new addition to the MAC mascara family promises to bring you
16 hour lash wear of full blackness!!!
It also provides you with curl & lift and if that wasn't enough abit of
lengthen & definition thrown in for good measure.
Not only does this product promise to be long wear but when it comes to night time and you just want to easily wipe away them lovely lashes it's simply done in no time with just
a splash of warm water!!!
I hope this is all it's cracked up to be because it sounds amazing and who doesn't
want a long wearing but 20 seconds to take of before falling unconscious mascara???

MAC By Request
(out in the fall but on line only)

I have a feeling this maybe quite popular.... now this is the low down:
During the March period (sorry i got to you abit late with this one) people could go
on facebook and vote from 18 of the most popular shades of lipstick, lipglass & eyeshadows
from past collections and the juicey bit is that the top 3 most voted for from
each category would go on line exclusive as a limited edition collection!
How cool is that, i bet people were voting like it was the elections or something lol.

So there we have it ladies, that is a snippet of what is to come with the future of MAC along
with afew others such as collaborations with Beth Ditto for summer and also
an intriguing mix up with Marilyn Monroe!!!

Hope you've enjoyed that and this beautiful day

Kel x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Wonders Of MAC Cosmetics

Afternoon Lovelies,

This is gonna be a slightly different post today filled with lots of piccys, a little bit of writing and a hell of alot of MAC!!!!!

Now when i first started out wearing makeup i had a hard time getting to grips with what a lip liner was let alone what brands where what but as I've progressed on my makeup journey I've started to realise the importance of brands and what they can offer to us ladies. Not just product wise but opening our eyes to new possibilities of makeup wearing and giving us fresh inspiration along the way.

A brand that combines all these things i would personally say is MAC! There known world wide and highly raved about not just by us beauty bloggers but by most people in the beauty game including celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and even Marilyn Monroe!

To follow is a handful of some of the collections so far this year and if you look out for my next post I'll be nattering about whats to come in the MAC world so sit back and enjoy :)

MAC Viva Glam With
Nichi Minaj &
Ricky Martin
(February 2012)

Viva Glam came about to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and using famous faces
Lady Gaga included in the hope that more people will be more careful
and supportive of the disease, all the money raised
by this collection went to this good cause.

Nicki's vibrant hot pink & Ricky's lip conditioner went down a storm!

MAC Shop
MAC Cook
(Feb/Mar 2012)

This happy go lucky, tongue in cheek collection was all about fun, vibrant colours that
you would of never normally thought about!
It almost dares you to be bold and stand out from the crowd
and let's face it what girl doesn't like to be noticed ;)

I'm just in love with the packaging and this was a large collection including 4 tender tones,
3 fluid lines, 5 kissable lip colours, 3 eyeshadow quads, 6 lipsticks,
3 nail vanishes & 3 creme blend blushes!!!
(stops for breathe!)

MAC & Vera
(March 2012)

it's so prettiful!!! Collaborating with the famous artist Vera who merges fine art with textiles, linens, murals and other bits and pieces to create vibrant patterned works of art, MAC have picked colours straight from her creations to produce there own art work with this Lil collection!

There fun, femine and playful everything that the world renowned artist Vera is known for.

MAC & Chen Man
Love & Water
(Mar/Apr 2012 for Spring)

How incredible does this look, it's almost other worldly if that makes sense!
The mix and blend of colours are beautiful and mysterious, i like the way they've
mixed the pinks and blues to create a good variety.
I'm in love with the combination of tones in the mineralize duo eyeshadows,
for some reason this collection reminds me of Katy Perry's E.T music video lol.

They have a nice collection of products including reflect glitter in sparkling blue, brow setting gel
(for the wet look i think lol) and also an angle brush oddly enough.

A gorgeous mineralized duo eyeshadow in Love Cycle is definitely my favourite!

MAC Fashion Sets
(April 2012)

 In order from left to right:
Girl About Town
Russian Red

These are the 7 most popular MAC shades of lipstick world wide as
research by the MAC team and from there they also created lipglasses
and nail lacquer to match!!!
Its funny looking at what shade is most popular in what country like for instance
Myth is most popular in places such as Poland, Russia and Finland (you'd of though Russia
would go for Russian Red wouldn't you lol)
and Chestnut is most popular in the USA! 
Limited for a short period only though people (i think till June if not now!)
so best get a wriggle on!

MAC Reel Sexy
(April 2012 for the spring)

And finally we have this sexy little number!
Its flirty with a bite, with tones such as turquoises and purples
its a rich mix that creates a dramatic effect! 

Love how they come up with these photos, this is what i was getting at at the beginning
about inspiring us to look at makeup differently and just to have fun with it
because that's what us girls do the best isn't it!!! hehe.

Lovely collection with plenty to chose from including this gorgeous mineralized highlighter
that would look beautiful on anyone!

So there we have it ladies
now it's not all of the collections obviously but if i did that
we'd be here all day!
I hope this has helped you see MAC in a new light as it did me
and remember to look out for tomorrows post about all
the new up and coming MAC collections!!!

Kel x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A tale of a bunch of Characters......

..... Who were brave (or stupid) enough to go out looking, eeer well like this really:

In order from left to right:
Me as little red riding hood,
Leanne as a fallen angel,
David as Super Mario,
Ben as Lugui,
Bex as Minnie Mouse,
and the lovely Mel as a pirate!!!

These 2 were the biggest hit of the night though!!!

I just love them all for going out and being silly and they did it for me so THANK YOU GUYS
it meant alot to me!! i couldn't of asked for better friends and i will dress up as whatever you like
for you lot in the future i promise :)

Kel x

Bits & Bobs

Good afternoon ladies,

Now lets get down to some catch ups.....

Well for starters there were these gorgeous Thornton's chocolates from my friends
David & Leanne who were kind enough to treat me for my
(swear there trying to fatten me up! lol)

Now i did a post a while back about when i visited the Disney store &
about all the Disney princess.... well as you'd of probley
guess my all time fav is Beauty & The Beast so
when i saw this iphone cover i was on
it like a rash!
Not that i have an iphone or anything lol.

I'm not a big poser here but i did want to show you a picy of my attempt at
the good old Kim K locks, howd you think i did???
it's abit darker then my natural colour but that
was just because of me extensions!

Went on a mini shopping spree and got myself a much needed bronzer which was recommended
by the lovely Pinkylorren (so thank you huni its brill:). Also got some falsies
for my belated birthday celebrations where i dressed a little red riding hood
which was also what the red lippy from MUA was for!
The earrings was a last minute.com jobby from store twenty one for a £1!!!
Do love myself a bargain hehe.

Looks a touch dark here but it is a lovely deep red with pinky tones, only £1 
and it worked perfectly with my outfit ;)
pictures to follow i promise!

please do ignore my Frank Bruno night shirt here but it was early and i was makeup testing people!
I was going for a simple eye look seen as the lip was so bold!
(well for me it was anyway, i never venture past nudes normally lol)

A tad random i know but I'd love my underwear draw to look this damn colourful,
wouldn't you???

Kel x

Monday, 21 May 2012

A little bit of heaven....

Evening all,

Now as you all know i love me some make-up, i want to make a career out of it so i best do lol. But my second girly love most defiantly has to be CLOTHES. I love the colours, textures, cuts and patterns from the shoes to the handbags to the gorgeous dresses i am on it like a rash when i see a picture i love!!! If only i had the budget to support my addiction aye.... o well i girl can dream cant she :)

I thought id share from Pinterest with any fellow addict... eeeer i mean lover of all things prettiful lol my growing collection of eye candy in pictures, please sit back and enjoy!

A gal's gotta love her leopard print, with an added mix of either
red or turquoise your onto a winner hehe.

I will admit it.... i am a massive Kim K fan!
Well for her fashion that is, besides she is an amazing business
woman so gotta give her thumbs up for that too.

And a girl can't forget about those accessories now,
love this layering effect with the Micheal Korrs watch xXx

Can't miss out the most important thing though.......The Walk In Wardrobe
to put all these luscious clothes in!!!!!

See i told you a girl can dream lol.
Hope your enjoyed and i hope you haven't dribbled to much now

Kel x