Friday, 23 March 2012

1 down, 4 to go!!!!

Afternoon lovies,

Hope you've been enjoying this rare British weather today!!! I attempted to yesterday but after lugging what I'm about to talk about all the way from town i got extremely hot and sweaty (and not even in a good way) and felt the threat of a faint coming on so i didn't really enjoy it at that moment of time i can tell ya.

Anyho enough of that Lil ramble, I'm here to tell you i finally got one of the items from my WANT list post!!!! I finally got my No7 mirror, he he.

Look at it all nice, snug and new in its box
(snug ain't the bloomin word, i couldn't even get into the Lil bugger!)

And this is where it's perminate home shall be, in the corner on my window seal hidden
behind the curtain ready to make it's appearance every morning!
(makes it sound like a movie star doesn't it lol).

Don't you get a sense of achievement when you finally get something you've been after for ages?!
or is that just me :)

Kel x

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  1. :O you forgot to tell me u got it!! i told u its gawjus init!!!! best mirror in the history of all mirrors rite?!! hehe xx