Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Series Of Unfortunate Events......

Evening all,

I am soooo sorry Ive been absent for a whole week now but due to a series of bad news, hospital dashes and tummy bugs i felt it best to stay away until I'd recovered!
Aside from the tummy bug and poor weather i think we're doing all good here again.... well aside from the fact that this is the second time I'm writing this because my computer decided to shut down on me when i was 2 words away from finishing and now due to the fact that i have things to do i can't write it all out again!!!!!

Why does God hate me right now?!

Anyho i shall be back tomorrow and hopefully put up a more successful post for you lovely lot!
But for now i shall leave you with my slightly late.......

Quote For The Week!

I Myself Am Made
Entirely Of Flaws,
Stitched Together
With Good Intentions

Kinda appropriate don't you think?! lol.

Until tomorrow my lovelies, have a good evening :)

Kel x

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