Thursday, 7 February 2013

Good enough to eat

I have a sweet tooth.

There i admitted it, now what follows is something that would probably make me very large indeed if it was in fact edible!

Holy cod, this is some fine smelling shower gel i have to say so when it say its completely natural i thought 'yeah and I'm a brunette version of Britany Spears', But i do have a reliable source (my auntie and uncle who are real life vegans, slightly bonkers and lovers of herbal stuff) that tell me this is one of the only natural products they are able to use. 

So grab yourself a bargain because these babies are going for £1 at Morrison's at the minute and have a explosive nostril experience in the shower with all the lovely scents available including a mint one that will soon clear out any cold and a lemon one that will make you feel as if you sucking on an actual lemon! 

Sorry about the graphic descriptions but these really do pack a punch in the smell department plus they leave your skin lovely and smooth after which is always a bonus with shower gel. (My one is Raspberry and vanilla, i pray someone comes out with a milkshakes that tastes as good as this bad boy smells.)

Kel x