Friday, 23 March 2012

Dog sitting, Haulage & lighbulbs

Me again :)

Dog sitting

Now you know when you see something cute you can't help but let slip a small sound that resembles AWWWWWWWWW, right?! Well look at this and tell me you could resist not saying it.....

Meet TWINKLE!!!!
I had the pleasure of doggy sitting this Lil cutie last night and I'll admit it was hard giving her back to her mama afterwards i won't lie. Ah sod it i know you lot wanna see more:

See you can see why i had some difficulty giving her back can't ya lol. She's a long haired chiwawa in case any of you where thinking of investing!


Now onto purchases, yesterday while i was getting my mitts on my No7 mirror (see earlier post!) i also got myself a mini haul while i was at it which i shall go into more detail tomorrow but here's a sneak peak for the time being

I wanna do my first ever haul post justice of i shall be posting more in detail till tomorrow but i just wanted to fill you guys in because knowing my luck come tomorrow the pictures will either have vanished or i could of just got a serious case of memory lose, both are very possible! lol.

Light bulb Moments

Do you ever have one of them moments where you stop what your doing and your suddenly hit
with what feels like a Genius idea that not even Albert Einstein himself
could of come up with?!
OK well maybe that's a tiny bit of an exaggeration but you get my drift here.
Well I've kinda been having afew of them recently which is rare for me but it's nice to know the old
brain cells are still in action anyway lol.
When you have moments like this the best way to remember them is to WRITE THEM DOWN
and the reason i emphasise this point is that you'll kick yaself if you forget, trust me on that
So here's afew ideas on how remind yourselves in a fun way.....

Hope this has got you inspired!
Till next time lovelies,

Kel x

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  1. Twinkle is just too adorable and has the cutest name ever!!! xx