Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's that time of year again....

Me again,

And no I don't mean Christmas (though with roughly 9 weeks to go it's getting scarily close). No i'm talking about the other "holiday" that is Halloween!
Now i say this in brackets purely because it's a bigger seasonal holiday in America then it is over here but never the less we still all jump on the band wagon in some way or another such as dressing children in cute little pumpkin outfits and trying to scare little old ladies senseless till they give up all there food!

On the other hand you could always go out in a make shift witches get up and class it as a good excuses to go out drinking or the other alternative is to have a quiet night in and avoid it all together which is what i shall more then likely be doing.

The reason behind this post however was to talk about something that i hate to admit but undoubtedly have..... no not a nasty rash, i'm talking about FEARS.

I unfortunately have 3 which i shall now name in no particular order:

1. Roller coasters!!!!
Last trip to Thorpe Park resulted in me having a panic attack moments after setting foot through the gates! it took me to have a Burger King to calm me down (and i hate those things!).

2. Horror movies:
Now i understand the concept behind them is to freak you out slightly but that still does not comfort me at all. The last horror i watched was about 2 years ago and it was "Drag Me To Hell". No word of a lie i still have nightmares about it now and if you've ever watched it you'll know what bit i'm on about.
(Chris, the big man he is classed it as a comedy and called me a wimp! Surprising i didn't take the compliment well!).

3. The Dark:
I know what your thinking, this is such a childish fear to have but tough it's my fears and i shall be scared of what i like! It's fine when i'm asleep but at all other times it is unacceptable!

So come on then ladies, what are your greatest fears???

Kel x

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lists, Lists, Lists

Evening all,

Now i don't know about you guys but with out lists my life would be a ship wreck!

I rely on them to get me through life just like i rely on my legs to keep me up (slight exaggeration there but you drift). They help me keep my mind in order and that may be a horrible thought to some who like to stumble through life not knowing wheres its gonna take them but I'm a tiny bit of a control freak so that's probably never gonna be something I'd say or do!

Now sometimes lists of thousands of words boggle my mind so i new way I've started doing things is taking pictures! Iv made a folder in my phone labelled "To Do" and i take a picture of say milk and stick it in there!

Just a handy hit in case writing lists, putting them in a "safe place" and spending an hour hunting for the damn thing ain't your idea of a fun time!

kel x

Friday, 26 October 2012

Lush Lust List

Hey ladies,

Try getting get ya tongue round that twister aye he he.

I am soooo excited, i use to be the biggest lush fan but over the past few years i just sort of lost touch with the whole bath bomb/senses over load experience but lately I've been reading more and more reviews on beauty blogger's blogs and am starting to get a real craving for some Lushness again!!

Now i am going shopping in our nearest biggish city next Friday so shall be popping into Lush then so I've decided to share my shopping list with you lovely lot! The list is as follows:

1. The Melting Snowman Bath Melt (£1.95/ 60g)

I'm loving the looks of this one, mainly because it's part of there new Christmas collection which is out but also because at least if i don't actually get to make a snowman this year then at least i will be able to say I've had some involvement with one! (sounds wrong but you get what i mean, right?). I think it's meant to smell like almonds or something to that description but we shall see.

2. Snow Fairy Shower Gel (£3.50/ 100g)

Now i mainly have showers so this is an essential for me (shower gel is an essential not this actual one in particular!) but i have to say the description that is promises to be a sweet yet fruity experience was kind of intriguing given that its suppose to be part of the Christmas collection so worth a peak i think.  

3. Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb (£1.90 each)

I couldn't resist A. the cuteness of the name and B. the cuteness of the bomb itself! Only trouble i may face is that it could possibly be to cute to actually put in the bath :/.
On another note though, it is said to have sleep-inducing oils and it's meant to calm the mind before bed which i could really do with at the minute so that shall be hopping in to my basket!

4. Yuzu & Cocoa Bubble Bar (£2.95 each)

And finally we have this little beauty!
Not by any means cute in any way but the description says it contains uplifting grapefruit and skin smoothing Shea butter in it along with a few other bits and pieces which is apparently going to awaken my mind. So I'll be dozing off with my little bot (3) and waking up with this yuzu thingy!

Have you got any Lush lust's you've been eyeing up lately?!
Please leave a comment below, I'd love to know what your list consists of :)

Kel x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

An everyday essential....Tweezerman

Afternoon ladies,

Now I'm not Italian but i might as well be!

An odd way to start a post i hear you say but there is a reason for my sudden outburst.... I'm hairy!
Not in a George of the Jungle/ King Kong kinda way but in a way that has me wax/shaving/tweezering almost every other day. It is frustrating beyond belief and if i had the money I'd serious consider lazer removal but until that day i have a solution.... tweezers!

Here is my little giraffe Gertie manning my tweezers for me lol.
Before i discovered tweezers, well lets just put it this way i didn't have a lot of pictures taken of me but ever since a friend of mine dragged me to get these bad boys waxed i haven't looked back.


I say this with your best interests at heart because it was the fatal mistake i made and I've been quietly suffering for it ever since but I'm sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel don't you worry lol.

Anyho the main reason for me admitting to my hairiness is that at present i just have a bog standard pair but I'm looking for a new shiny upgrade..... welcome to the stage TWEEZERMAN

I swear i fantasize about there sometimes when I'm wrestling with a stubborn eyebrow hair and i mean look at all the ones to choose from!
They got a bit of floral, animal print, lips! You name it and not only that but they come in all different slant varieties and sizes too.

A must investment even for you lucky so and so that have the gift of monthly plucking (you don't know how fortunate you are!)

Kel x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Straighten me up BaByliss

Afternoon lovelies,

Straighteners to me are multi purpose, you can straighten and curl so your getting your moneys worth. So there i was all gear up to spend a fair amount getting a fancy pants new pair when i stumbled across these.....

Now i use to be a Remington die hard fan when younger because i thought they were the most reliable brand out there, my opinion of Babyliss wasn't great for no apparent reason other then it had baby in the title! (please don't question my motives because even i don't understand them at times lol).

I had a brief stint with the good old, highly raved about GHD which i did not get along with at all because within an Hour after an intensive session of straightening my hair went all kinky again.
Then after a few years with an unknown brand i decided it was time for a change!

Welcome in the worlds smallest proper straighteners:

There slim, light and ONLY £20!!!! Can you Adam and Eve it people?! I'm happy to report that my opinion has completely change about BABYliss, there better then any Remington set I've owned and when you curl your hair it actually stays curled which is a nice change for me.

See it even comes with heat Matt as well, boy these people sure know how to spoil us aye ladies.

Thank you to my gorgeous friend Lorren (pinkylorren, go check her out on her blog, twitter and now here adorable little piggies are on youtube!!!) for pointing me back in the BaByliss direction.

Kel x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Seriously considered purchases (that'd break the bank!)

Evening ladies,

Just thought I'd share with you a few products that I've been eyeing up recently.
First off we have..... Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation!

I have heard amazball things about this product from the likes of the Pixiwoo sisters, Fleur De Force and many more and I'm just so intrigued to find out what the fuss is all about!
I think there was different varieties but it got replaced buy this one (please correct me if I'm wrong here, i could of got it the wrong way round lol) but i would like to sample it for myself so this Christmas i shall enforce major hint dropping like a military operation!

Now these beauties i shall probably never own because A. they are mainly big in America and B. because they are stupidly expensive!!!
On my fantasy shopping session i discovered these can go up to £250.... for a pair of jean/leggings!
But having said that from the reviews I've seen they are named as THE comfiest pair of jean/leggings you shall ever own plus last a looong time too (which at that price you sure as hell want them to).

Lastly we have this piece of technical wizardry the iphone 4s (not the new fancy iphone 5).
This i may just be getting my mitts on as my contract runs out in February and instead of upgrading to another trusty Blackberry i was thinking of branching out into the world of technology (which scares me senseless just so you know) and see where it takes me, so i shall keep you updated on that one.
Kel x

Monday, 22 October 2012

Well hello there stranger

Hello there everyone!!!

I can not apologise enough for being absent for so long!
I feel like the worse blogger in the world (which i probley am), but i do have a few valid reasons i swear.

Firstly it's been a very stressful time for our family because my partner Chris seen below:

Has now departed for Afghanistan, where he shall be for quite some time!
Now he has been out there before about 2 years ago now which was horrible because it was the first time he had been so it was new for all of us so now at least we kinda know what to expect but that still doesn't make it any easier.

Secondly me and my good friend Leanne have been working on a special little project together and we didn't want to unveil anything until we'd worked on it a bit more so without further ado...... hop on over to our new blog;
It's a little place to go visit if your a bride-to-be or you just love fantasising about weddings and it'll give you tips, ideas or just abit of inspiration to get you going!
We're hoping it'll be a success so please swing by and show your support :)

And as if that wasn't enough work has been extra stressful lately as well, with an unsure future, stock take and plummeting temperatures it's been pretty grim but here's hoping you guys can cheer me up aye!

So i shall sees you very soon I'm sure,

Kel x