Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Women Wednesday- Christina Applegate

Hello again :)

It's my Women Wednesday as you know and today I'm gonna be talking about..... Christina Applegate! Now some may have heard of her or recognise her from movies like The Sweetest Thing, Employee of the Month or Surviving Christmas or you may even twig and remember as Rachel's spoilt sister in Friends. But over the years I've know her as more then that, she's a Breast Cancer Survivor.

She discovered the cancer in it's early stages in the middle of 2003 and immediately had a double mastectomy despite only having it in one breast! After recovering she then went on to support charities such as Lee National Denim Day and she also appeared on a one off special entitled "Stand Up To Cancer". Through her work and support it has raised much needed awareness and helped women like her to see her as a source of inspiration of how to live after cancer has effective your life so greatly.

I admire her courage and bravery, at a time when she could of given up she plowed on and turned it into a way of reaching out to others through her experience and giving something back because of that. Christina is very inspirational to me.

Kel x


  1. Awwww i love her in samantha who shes soo funny! She is defo an inspiration! xx

    1. Yeah me too! Got any suggestions of ladies you like to see and i'd more then happily post them too hun xx

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