Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sundays, fun days & abit of footy throw in for good measure!

Good evening everyone,

What a beautiful day it's been, as you'll find out in my......

Sunday Round Up!!!!!


- To be honest theres been mainly good this week which is..... good! lol. Now i should explain that i usually work every Sunday which is abit of a bummer but today i took off for a very special reason,
Chris's Uncle, Dean (aka Big Dean because he was on the larger side!) past away last November.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer, 12 weeks after on the 13th November 2011 he passed away aged only 53. Dean was muched loved and respected by everyone that knew him, it's left a massive hole in the family and Chris has taken his death especially hard because he was more like a father figure to him.
However in there younger days Big Dean ran a football club for young lads to try and help them get off the street and getting up to no good, with Chris being one of them! So in Honor of Deans memory and also to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support there was a football match in which all the lads that Big Dean use to teach got together and played.
I'm so proud of Chris, he played the full 90 minutes and really got involved, despite being abit rusty he did sooo well. i swear he thought he was Gerrard but hay who am i to shatter is illusions aye lol.

We managed to raise over £600 and all in all it was a lovely day being with the family and enjoying the gorgeous weather (see i finally said something positive about the weather! Even I'm shocked lol).


- All i can say is Aqua Aerobics..... avoid like the plague! I swear i thought i was an amazing swimmer but that 45 minutes sure as hell proved me wrong. I might as well of got a pint glass and filled it with pool water with the amount of the damn stuff i was digesting but i have learnt one thing from it and that's to never do the blooming thing again.... until Bex drags me to the DEEP WATER AEROBICS in 2 weeks time! So you've got till then to make the most of me because i doubt il be surviving that one.


- CHRIS'S FEET!!!! I love him with all my heart i really do but if he comes near me with them monkey feet again i swear to god I'm disowning him lol.

Hope you've all had a beautiful day, now just gotta brace ourselves for that Monday feeling again (ow joys! lol).

Kel x

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  1. Lool i like your theme the good the bad the uglyyy haha. Awwww well done you guys for raising so much money! x