Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Eye catching!

Hi everyone,

Sorry i had to rush off last night but exercises was awaiting me and boy was it an experience. Not only did i look like a frog doing a very inelegant doggy paddle but i managed to swallow half the pool AND stub my toes..... in a diving pool! Just don't ask. But it was fun to say the least and i may consider doing it again, maybe.

Now on my travels i take some very odd pictures so i decided I'd share them with you lovely that because lets face it, who else am i gonna show them too?! lol.

How hilarious is this?!!! I must of looked a right turnip taking a picture of this
but something that cause you to double take a violently as i did (almost
causing whip lash my i add) was defiantly worth a photo opportunity!

Awwwww i road named after me, they should have :)

I though this looked so adorable just perched up on a wall all on its Jack Jones
that i had to take a picture! It was tiny, i can see why someone may have
mislayed it lol.

Sooooo pretty! i want it and i want it now, at £14 you can hardly grumble either!

Well if your gonna have the mirror you might as well have the matching bird cage

My Makeup case!
Love it, love the red interior and the space, it's just me all over!
Tomorrow I'll be doing a Lil video on where i keep my basic everyday makeup
so keep an eye out for that badger ;)

So till tomorrow my lovelies, have a nice evening!

Kel x


  1. wow the ball with teeth is just creepy lol! I love the makeup case! The red is so beautiful!!

  2. I know! thats exactly what i thought but it made me chcukle so i thought why not aye lol. Awww thanks, i actually got it from where i work for £20!!! bargain :)

  3. lmao wtf was that!! haha cracked me up xx

  4. Leo has them converses in white and there tiny too dont even fit him nw propa cute! xx