Sunday, 11 March 2012

Odds & Sods!

Me again,

Just can't keep away can i lol. Slightly off point post here but i have a bits & bobs folder in my phone of random pictures i love and want to keep but haven't a foggiest where to put it so they tend to go in there. I figured to help you get to know me a Lil better id show you afew so with out further ado......

(I've always said it like that, think I've got a sneaky lisp with this word!)

Our dog POPPY, loveliest but dumbest creature you'll ever meet!

Love Love Love Giraffes, there just so different!
Plus we both have something in common.... Clumsiness :)


(i have an odd sense of humour clearly lol)


Ahhhh my dream bathroom cabinet!!!! How amazballs would it be
to have this amount of selection, mind you if you were in a
rush you'd be abit stuffed.

It's my dream car & in this colour too! theres just something so chic
and quirky about them, plus i may have watched the Italian Job
one to many times admittedly.

How lovely do these look, i think flowers brighten and lift a room especially
Tulips with there vibrant colours and pretty shapes! They just make me
smile looking at them :)

Now what girl doesn't love abit of leopard print..... if only i had an iphone
I'd be on this case like a rash!

One word,,,,, Mmmmmmmmmm.


I can't stand roller coaster, panic attack doesn't even cover the reaction i had
when i last went near one therefore if my life depended on getting on
one I'd rather pop my clogs right there and there thanks!

(now bare in mind i did art & design for 3 years at college here so
i can get abit arty farty at times I'm afraid)

Top: Just a simple shaded rose drawn by yours truly.
Middle: A set of canvases i design from scratch to put above my bed!
Bottom: For my god sons first birthday i created a wiggley worm card
(i think i loved it more then he did lol).

So there we have it, a Lil insight to my Odds & Sods folder! Hope you enjoyed it, sorry if it was abit long winded. Till next time peeps :)

Kel x


  1. you always do such interesting posts hun! your bedroom looks amaizing by the way i love the canvases! your super talented! and ur dog is sucha cutiee!! Leopard print is the best and i hateee rollercoasters too! x

  2. awww thank u hun, i try my best! the canvases are really easy but then i work in a craft store so its easy for me to say lol il try and do a tutorial and show ya :) glad im not the only one on the hating rollercoaster thing thou, my friends think im a freak! lol xx