Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's Woman Wednesday!!!

Good evening people,

We have lift off! No more no Internet, woop woop (god hope i haven't just jinxed it, o well). Before i waffle on about my inspirational female of the week i just wanted say I've just order Pro long wear concealer (NC 15 in case you were wondering, yes i know i am a milk bottle!) and also Mineralize skin finish in Light from MAC. I had to let out a little excited squeak when i pressed the order button lol sad i know but make-up excites me, what can i say I'm easily pleased and a cheap date to boot!

Anyway i wanna talk about Sandra Bullock tonight, I have loved her ever since seeing her in the hit movie Speed and my love and admiration has just grown ever since.

She has humour (a hell of alot of it in two weeks notice, check it out it's well worth a look especially if you have a thing for Hugh Grant which I'm ashamed to admit i kinda do). She has class and wisdom. And just a pure love for what she dos and its inspiring.
Also the fact that she has adopted a baby boy that she loves more then anything in this world isn't enough, she's now raising him on her own after her nasty husband did the dirty and left her for Kat Von Dee, god only knows why!
Sandra Bullock has a lovely warm nature yet also i strength and determination that shines through and that's why i love her.
Check out one of her films sometime and you'll see what i mean :)

Bye for now,
Kel x

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