Saturday, 11 February 2012

I think my thermometers broken!!!!

-16c, that's -16c in case anyone thought they miss read that! In lincolnshire of all places.
I have 6 layers on my top half (including 2 coats!) and 7 layers on my bottom half involving some stratigically place underwear.

But anyways enough about my brief situation (no pun intended there lol) and on to the matter at hand, the weather! Artic conditions and that just in the shop..... it was -2c in there when i arrived today and didnt get much better,hence why at half 2 i was sat on the sofa with a nice brew watching the footy! (liverpool v Man U, which we, liverpool lost again something im choosing to move on from here.)

Anyho wherever you are and whatever temperature it is I hope your all having a good one!
I'm now off to embark on my life long ambition to make an upside down snowman :)

Kel x

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