Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Products, Creations & ME!

Back again,

Here's afew things that took up my day.....

Nice right?! Also looks so technical (and we all know how i feel about technology by now lol). I've been considering getting a net book for ages but then the other day a friend told me about one of these beauties.... a tablet! I know what you're thinking, i thought it too, what do i want a pill for right (ha ha joking obviously :/). Any ho its got loads of benefits including being small and having an in-built camera so I've just been weighting up whether to purchase it or not.

Liz Earle hand repair cream (for my nasty, rough mitts) & Calvin Klein pinky lippy in 208 illusion:
The cream smells and feels lovely. And the lippy is so pretty, simples!!!

Ingredients needed: 3x jars (of different sizes), ribbon, labels, a pen & bits and bobs to fill it with! That's really all there is to it, i just needed alil something to liven up my dresser and hold my brushes in and this just kills to bird with one stone, or jam jar in this case!

And as for this, I'm sorry but I'm still kinda obsessed with my black & white setting on me camera lol.

Hope you've had a good day,

Kel x

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