Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Women who inspire me....... Beyonce

Hi there,

Being a girl I'm really into women empowering others to success ed and believe in themselves.
When i was in my second year of college doing art & design i did a project called Women! I looked at icons from the past and present, researched on there roles in history and how they influenced other to achieve there loves, passions and desires like Emily Pankhurst, who fought for women's right to vote and because of her passion and dedication it inspired other to do the same and there fore won them the vote!!!!!!

I've always believed that a woman show never rely on a man and that we should be our own person. Even with being in a relationship for so long, i don't rely on Chris. Could be down to the fact that he's never here but that beside the point lol. Given that i do share myself with him, it's really hard to stay focused on myself and my ambitions when you have someone else to worry about but when i start to lose my way alil i always turn to women who inspire me and that's what I'll be writing about.

So Beyonce.......

Obviously I love her music and she is amazingly beautiful, I'd have to be blind not to see that but what draws me to her is her passion. Her determination to never stop, to achieve what she feels she is destined for and to reach out to other and let them know its OK to be who they are, to really embrace it and be proud of themselves in what ever they set out to do.
This is the moment when i saw a whole other side to her:

From then on whenever i hear her music, i think of this video and it gives her music a whole new meaning!

I hope this has made you feel as empowered and proud to be a woman as i does me :)

Kel x

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