Sunday, 26 February 2012

Shoppin till you droppin......and i sure did drop!

Howdy there,

Well after days of being deprived of Internet access, iv finally manged to get my mitts on my blog again. Yay!!!! i have so much to tell you, mainly evolving a lovely haul :)

I will get to that shortly, first and for most is the Sunday Round Up!

The Good:

- LIVERPOOL WINNING THE CARLING CUP!!!!!! woop woop lol. Who ever thought 4 years ago id be saying that, certainly not me that's for damn sure. But it's true, i couldn't be more happy that they won and they really deserved it, after 6 years i think it was a tad over due to be brutally honest but they got there in the end and that's the main thing here. (that's all the football talk done, i promise)

- My shopping trip to Miltan Keynes!!!! Another lovely moment to wack in the memory bank, that i took with my mumsy..... who will kill me or even worse disown me if she sees there pictures I'm about to put up on here of her! (sorry mum).

(more picture to follow later)

The Bad:

- The stonking cold that seems to have taken over my synesis! I'm gonna have to start taking out shares in tissues before long, this thing is refusing to budge and I'm refusing to sound like I'm permanently wearing a peg on my nose for the remainder of my days!!! So me and the nasty bug which is my cold have reached a stale mate at the moment.

- The annoyance that is BT. The fastest and best broad band in the world you say?! i beg to differ, 3 days of being kept away from blogging is not acceptable in my book and boy does a poor BT worker in a call centre somewhere up north know the brunt of my annoyance! Bet he wish he called in sick that day ha ha.

The Ugly:

- I can't really think of an ugly...... not one that you'd appreciate hearing about anyways!

Right now its time to dabble in a Lil show and tell :)

Kel x

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