Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Internet, Quotes & Confusion

Hi everyone,

Think its safe to say we all hate Monday and im no different. I managed to soldier on through my day, got home to put up a blog post about all the lovely things i got from my shopping trip and to do my first "quote for the week" but low and behold the damn internet refuses to coopertae again!
So here it is, what should of been Mondays new tradtion has temporarally moved to Tuesday;

Having a rough morning?!
Place your hand on your heart,
can you feel that?
That's called purpose,
your alive for a reason so

Not half bad aye.

Anyho today i'm gonna write about my bits & bobs (shopping i mean, you dirty buggers i knew what you were thinking lol). This was spose to be yesterdays post but i'm playing catch up yet again so please bare with me here!

I don't quite know what possessed me to take a picture of the
couch steps but i felt it was meaningful for the
start of our trip!
(driver sure gave me an odd look though lol)

TKMax bag department! I needent say anymore.

Soooooo pretty! And the exact colour i've been looking for,
trouble is i forgot to get it on the way back :(

Just thought they were quite cool soap despencers

Loooooove the pink frames!!!

My lovely bot bot in H&M, i did infact buy theses jeans
i like my butt in them that much!

M.A.C of course and boy did i take my time in there!
But i shall talk more about that later

Just lil old me!

All my lovely goodies!!!

Lavenda bra & panties from next!
because who dosent need a new bra and pants and to be fair i did lol.

Lacey dollys shoes from a bargain cheap shop!
There was so many to chose from that it was hard to chose but
the sensible thing to do was to go for these.

Interview outfit from H&M, i love there clothes there right up my street
and just right for what i need it for1

No when i say i needed new tights i mean i had ventilation holes in my old ones!
The Benefit counter in Debahamnas kindly gave me some samples
to try so i will be review those lovelys.
And as for the ring, we theres a story about that but il reveal it soon i promise.

So there you have it, i finally got round to the shopping haul and now im off to sweat it out the the gym. Hopefully i will talk to you guys tomorrow, all being well.

Kel x

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