Thursday, 16 February 2012

What make-up means to me by ME

Ahhhh my dream vanity table.....

Anyway back to the matter at hand, why i love make-up and why i would love to make it my career!
I've always been abit of a day dreamer, when i was a kid and anyone asked me what it was i wanted to be when i grew up the answer would always be archaeologist! (odd choice i know but the heart wants what it wants!).

When i was deciding on choices for college the one that stood out to me most was art &design because it was a chance for my creative juices to flow and to express on paper and other art forms how i felt. Also to explore my love of colour and building on ingenious ideas. I loved it!!!!

Trouble came when i hit my 3rd and final year, I didn't have a clue where to go or what to do with my skills so when left i started working full time at the craft shop I'd been at as a Saturday girl. Now don't get me wrong i love working and meeting new people everyday and i love getting to be creative and come up with new ideas but i always felt as if i was destined for more.

It wasn't until about a year and a half ago that the thought struck me...... be a make-up artist! I was doing my make-up at the time, doing something funky with eyeliner and i just thought to myself this is what i love doing. I get to be creative, work with colours, meet new people, experiment with lovely make-up products that i could drool over all day and most importantly of all make women feel beautiful.

When i was a teenager i had no confidence and i just felt like one big mess! I use to look at my gorgeous best friend and think "why cant i be like her?!". It wasn't really till i left college that i started to see myself as an individual and really start to feel pretty. Don't get me wrong I'm by no means a model here but with the power of make-up and afew compliments, I've started to see myself as not half bad! Make-up is not a mask or something to hide behind because your afraid to show the world the real you, it's a way of expressing yourself and just really a tool to enhance whats already there!

I know how it feels to be an ugly duckling and to have blossomed into what i am today, i realise i still have alot of growing and developing to do as a person and i still have alot of insecurities as anyone does but make-up has helped me have the confidence i need to wake up in the morning and say you know what i ain't half bad ;)

That's how i want to make others feel about themselves, i want women to know they are beautiful and to really feel it and believe it! And if i can make them do that then I'm doing my job right.

Sorry that was abit of an essay but when you love something and feel passionate about it you tend to have alot to say! lol.

Thanks for listening,

Kel x

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