Friday, 10 February 2012

Well hello there......

This is me.....errr, hello!

And this is Chris, my person!
We've put up with each other for almost 4 years
now (atleast we think thats how long its been!)

He appears to have to have neglected to tell
me about the chocolate on my chin, from
the ice cream he forced on me may i add!

A trip to the zoo resorting in the zoo people and us
questioning if this is indeed his natural habitat and
whether we should leave him there!
(Tempting i tell ya)

See what i mean, he fitted right in!!!!! lol.
O yeah and i forgot to meantion, he's a soldier in the
Queens Royal Lancers and in 2009 he left for Afghanistan
for 7 months! (Longers but most proudest few months
of my life i tell ya)

So there we go, now you've got a slightly better over view
of my life.... well kinda.
(most of the time i wanna stangle this boy but hay ho lol)

Kel x

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