Friday, 10 February 2012

I'm Alive!!!!!!!!!

Soooooo sorry about that, after afew technical issues and alot of necessary cursing, I'm back! I see this blog like my theory test, they say to get through it you just need common sense..... yeah i seem to be lacking in that department slightly. But never the less I'm here now so that's the main thing.
Well to recap the time lost will take a 10 page essay so need less to say i won't be writing one of those, therefore i propose we start from here!
Today it snowed!!!!
And that's about it so far lol. This is one of them days where you have big plans it's just a matter of executing them, which shall be my mission.
Now don't get scared that I'm not coming back again because i will, pinky promise :)
Have a nice day
Kel x

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