Monday, 20 February 2012

still catching up/ sunday round up espisode 2!!!

Again this is Sunday...... I know its not but just humour me here would ya.

Due to yet more disruptions from my lovely partner in crime i missed my second Sunday round up!!! I was not impressed believe me, i did indeed have stern words with him that resulted in a tiggleing show down (which i won but he'd say otherwise, typical bloke!).

Any ho on to more important things;
The Sunday Round Up!!! (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!)

The Good;

- Seeing Chris and enjoying a weekend of loveliness (if you know what i mean ;) lol)

- Getting an amazing opportunity to have a chance to work for a brand i have loved for years, can't go to  much into detail in case i jinx it but I've got everything crossed it goes well (so much so I'm finding it tricky to walk, ha ha) and just researching up to my eyeballs on everything i think i might need to know!!!
- Just generally appreciative of having some really good people around me that are happy to help me along in life, for example Bex for getting me such a great opportunity despite her having a huge work load of her own! (She's a solicitor so she does alot of officey type stuff lol).

The Bad;

- Having to say good bye to Chris, never a nice moment :(
- Having short term term memory lose! It's a bugger when your trying to recap your week and all you seem to be able to remember is what you had for breakfast that morning (even that's abit sketchy!).
- Being deprived from seeing The Vow, the ultimate in girly chick flickyness staring the gorrrrrrrrgous Channing Tatum (insert dribble here........). The trouble is no one in my family appreciate the beauty of a good ogling session, that's what it is i recon.

The Ugly;

- Being woken up in the early hours to discover the dogs been sick all down the stairs and there being a high possibility you may have trodden in it on the way to the loo in a state of unconsiouness! (I did warn you it was ugly!).

- And that due to to much vigorous exercise, and no i don't mean THAT kind (well mostly i don't mean that) i now have a funny hip! Unfortunately i don't mean funny ha ha, i just mean odd because i know no other way to describe it. It makes a weird popping noise and it makes me walk like I've just escaped from a mental hospital, an attractive image i know.

So that's my round up of the week, sorry the timings was abit off and completely seem to have missed Saturday but i assure you i will be back on track from tonight!

Kel x

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