Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I live to tell the tale so let's talk about make-up!!!

Evening all,

After what can only be described as an eye opening experience into the world of Muay Thai (kick boxingy thingy mjig lol) i can safely say i survived it with some slightly complacent limbs that i may forgot excised but despite my inability to even get out of bed this morning, and no it had nothing to do with the fact it was 7am and when my Tootsie poked outside the covers it shot straight back in again protesting about the cold!

Any who on to the matter at hand....... MAKE-UP!!!
Basic history lesson;
Age 0-17: NEVER bother with make-up! (thought lip liner was something bizarre that you put on your eyes for crying out loud!)
Age 18-now: LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! Look at me know (well 2009 when i was really getting into the swing of it but you get what i mean.)
Told you it was gonna be basic lol.

I'd been looking at beauty blogs for ages, Kandee Johnson being my favvvvvv (check out here blogs, you won't regret it!) and one day i was doing my make-up and just thought why the heck don't i do this for a living!!!! i heart make-up + i heart people = so why not make people feel wonderful about themselves and help the to see the beauty i do in them!

I'm just practising at the moment but I've done a few parties and in August I'm doing MY FIRST WEDDING!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEK. I am beyond excited and cannot wait for the opportunity to make someone feel so beautiful on the most specialistic day of there lives :)

So get ready for alot more Lil pickys evolving make-up coz I'm gonna be making it a big part of my life hopefully and with any luck I'll be a successful make-up artist (positive mental attitude that is, it's a new years resolution of mine I'm putting into practise so please don't think I'm deluded here lol).

There you have it, i shall go and punish me self some more at the gym now.
Enjoy your romantical evenings people.

Kel x 
P.S. I know its valentines day (i haven't completely lost all sense of timing....yet) but I'm avoiding thinking about it due to the fact that;
A. My boyfriends away at camp in north Yorkshire, 156 mile away to be precise.
And B. i sent him a loving text as soon as my brain was Abel to handle texting and all he sent back was "not in the mood". Could anyone tell me where i can get a new model please, i think mines broken!

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