Monday, 13 February 2012

Muffins, 4am & funny faces

Good evening all,

Due to our justice system being CRAP my head didnt hit my extreeeeeeeeemly comfy pillow until approximately 4am this MORNING. Needless to say i was not in the best of moods (well would you be?!) so decided on the pure basis of being sleep deprived i desearved a muffin! (see below for details, ha)

And as for the funny faces....... i JUST discovered the black and white setting on me phone lol. (After almost a year of having my phone i shamefully admit, did warn ya i was a techno phobic though!).

I'm off to go crawl under my duvet now, ahhhh my lovely duvet how i've dreamt about you all day long!

O bugger..... I've just remembered i've signed up for a kick boxing class tonight with a national boxing champion! O moses, shepards pie and all that is holey moley, what have i DONE!

If i survive this, tomorrow I'll be talking make-up!!! What i reason to survive aye lol.

Kel x

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