Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes........

Good afternoon everybody,

Ever have one of them days where you've got like 5 minutes to get your butt in some clothes and get out the door but you're frozen in front of your wardrobe, transfix on the fact that your literally have NOTHING to wear?!

I hate them moments and lately them seem to be occurring more often then not, much to the annoyance of everyone around me! The boss doesn't tend to be to sympathetic to the fact that your late because of a wardrobe malfunction for some reason, can't think why lol.

(your dribbling too aren't ya :)
With a wardrobe like this I'd have no problems!!! But back in reality mine leaves alot to be desired, in fact its so pat hectic I'm shocked I'm even able to go out in public fully clothed.
So what i like to do is look for inspiration, with colours, cuts and what works together:

Loooooove the studded detailing on the jacket, the colours neutral
so it'll go with anything! As for the skirt, well
my legs would killer in it :)

Now don't get me wrong I am a fan of Rihanna but she can wear some
odd get ups. Having said that, this outfit I could
defiantly see myself in! Off the shoulder
is sexy yet low key and i would rob
her for that handbag!

I am in love with this colour, it's vibrant, creative and just the sight
of it makes me happy even if my favourite colours red I'm
willing to make this second best! Yet its one of the
hardest colours to find, i have not seen one
single top in it!

I know Rihanna again (don't panic I'm not obsessed here), i just
am really digging the all in black! I'd never put people through
the trauma of seeing me in leather pants mind you but i like
the idea. Also what grabs me is the Lil pop of leopard
print because lets face it, who can resist abit
of leopard print here! 

Brilliant casual, yet put together look. I'd probably side step the glasses due
to the fact that I'd look like a boarding school matron in them but
apart from that i want the whole look! Am defiantly gonna
work on this for myself.

Never in a million years would i be able to achieve this myself, even if i
have done art & design for 3 years at college! But it combines 2 of
my favourite things, leopardness and red! Sexiness
for the nails right?!

Kel x

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