Sunday, 19 February 2012

Catch up!!!

Right pretend this is Friday..... Hi, Happy Friday!

Don't worry i know it's Sunday, at least i think it is..... anyway due to the arrival of Chris Friday night i got temporarily distracted from my blogging duties but conceding the fact that it has been several weeks that I've been deprived of him i think I'm entitled to get distracted! (that's my defence and I'm jolly well sticking to it!).

He's home from camp till tonight so we've been snuggled up at home and admiring his new car, and when I say we here I do mean him but being the supportive person I am i joined in lol. It sucks onions that I get to see him so rarely but i wouldn't have it any other way because as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder and my hearts gotten pretty fond of him by now (we finally managed to calculate that in August this year we would have been together 5 YEARS!!!!!). When you've know someone for that long, been through the experiences we have together and basically spoken everyday since we've met it's hard to picture a life without him.

Obviously there are times that I'd love to donk him round the head with a dirty great, wet kipper but no matter how mad i am with him, he never fails to make me smile! He's my best friend and my lover all rolled into one and despite the distance and the stress of wondering if he's safe or got himself into abit of a pickle, i wouldn't be without him.

Despite the fact that he's the least romantic person in the world!!!!! I know you may think I'm over reacting here but i can assure you that he was born minus the romance gene. After this amount of time though i have come to terms with the fact that i will never receive any grand gestures of love or even a soppy card for that matter (or any card at all even!) because it's just who he is.....doesn't mean i can't moan about it though he he.

Anyways that's Fridays day summarised, onto Saturday!

Kel x

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