Sunday, 26 February 2012

Once upon a time......

...... far, far away lived a beautiful princess.

I loved Disney princesses growing up and still to this day i could sit through Aladdin or Ariel and love every minute of it.
And as a self confessed big kid at heart, while we was shopping i had to make a pit stop at THE DISNEY STORE!!!!! i was so excited, i did a little dance at the door lol (sad i know but i really don't care).
If you were to ask me to pick my favourite all time Disney movie though the answer every time would be..... Beauty & The Beast!
I think it could be the fact that when i was growing up she was the only brunette of all the Disney princesses but it's also because i was enchanted by her. Just the whole tale in general to be honest.
So as you can imaging as soon as i walk in and see THIS i went to investigate;

 How cool is this!!!! It's an arch way you walk through and it brings
you out front of these 3 mirrors (as you can see in background).
AND if that's not enough it doubles as a walk in
wardrobe, he he! Told you it was cool :)

These were beautiful and such a creative idea. They were blank cut out trees,
they looked like they were from a Forest or Kenya! And they had
Disney movies projected onto them. I got abit mesmerised by 
them i have to admit.

Ah if only they did these outfits in my size id be in heaven but unfortunately
they only went up to size 3/4 :(, not even big enough to fit my arm
in a suspect but hay ho a girl can dream cant she!

And here's mumsy again, she was rather fond of this monsters inc. creature but
i managed to price it off her in the end. Bless her cotton socks :)

I'm off to sleep to dream of being a Disney princess now,
whats your favourite all time Disney character?!

Kel x

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