Thursday, 7 October 2010

Blog virgin here!!!!

Well this is my first ever blog post and as sad as it sounds i cant believe i'v even gotta this far! What can i start with..... umm lol. I should probley start by saying abit about myself.
1. i'm a terrible speller so im apoloiging now for all them people out there who actually can speak correct english!
2. There is 32 days left till my partner comes home from Afghanistan so if you start noticeing me counting down to something that'd be what its for.
3. i have a growing suspition that i am capable of more things then working in a shop (not that there is anything wrong with that!) but i feel i am be desinded for other things! What them thing are i aint got a foggyest but i'm sure as hell determined to figure them out.
4. This will be a good old random blog about abit of all sorts in kel-land so please bare with me here!
So untill the next time i can figure out how to work this damn thing, thanks for your time and night night
Kel :)

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