Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Foundations knock out round.... but who will win?!

 Evening all,

Noticed anything different??? Yes your right i did abit of redecorating over the weekend, i just felt this was alot more my style and it's always nice to have a freshen up every now and again :)

Anyways on to more important matters at hand.... Foundations!
Afew months ago in Boots they were doing a buy 3 get the cheapest free offer and at the time i was in desperate need of some new foundation but fancied trying something new. Now considering there had been a few new release at the time that had been spoke about in the beauty community i felt a comparison post coming on!

So I'd like to introduce you to my 3 contestants;

From left to right we have:
Bourjois Healthy Mix in No 52 Vanilla
L'oreal Paris Lumi Magique in C1 Rose pearl
Rimmel London Wake Me Up in 103 True Ivory

First up we have Bourjois Healthy Mix (not the newest release one),
now i will admit i have tryed this one before and loved it so i went for the safe
bet a little with this but i just had to give it another go.
First off it smells amazing, no other foundation in my opinion compares to this smell
its a mix of gorgeous fruits such as Apricot and Melon with some ginger thrown in!
It also has great coverage, with 2 pumps it covers your whole face and evens out skin tone
perfectly (if your very pale skinned though I'd go for the lightest shade No 51).
I'd say it has a medium coverage and is defiantly builder able and for £10 I'll defiantly
be buying this bad boy again! 

Now this was probably the one i was look forward to most just because I'd heard really lovely things
about how it luminates the skin and gives brilliant coverage but i have to say this
was defiantly my greatest disappointment!
To start with i think i got the wrong shade, i have yellowy undertones to my skin and this
is more suited to someone with more pinker tones for sure.
As for the coverage, well i have an oily t-zone so by afternoon it was slipping right off and
the texture of it on your skin feels slippery (if that makes sense??) it almost just sits
on the skin rather then blending into it. And the only luminosity i got was from my oily face! lol.
It would possibly work better for dry to combination skin i think but it's a light to
medium coverage i would have said.

I'm not a hundred percent sure what i was expecting with this one but i thought I'd give it a
bash plus i quite liked the colourful lid lol.
Apart from the shade being all wrong i think this was quite a success!!!
I was waaaaay to dark for me but the texture was quite nice and it went on evenly giving
amazing coverage as it went, defiantly a medium coverage with build able possibilities!
It didn't really smell of anything but that's not a bad thing so I'd say if you got the right
shade you'd be on to a winner with this one!

Over all my clean favourite would be the Bourjois Healthy Mix which i will be repurchasing
due to the fact iv almost used it all but defiantly creeping up in second would be Rimmels
Wake Me Up for sure.
As for L'oreals one, i think that maybe heading in my friends direction lol.

Hope this has been helpful ladies

Kel x

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