Monday, 21 May 2012

A little bit of heaven....

Evening all,

Now as you all know i love me some make-up, i want to make a career out of it so i best do lol. But my second girly love most defiantly has to be CLOTHES. I love the colours, textures, cuts and patterns from the shoes to the handbags to the gorgeous dresses i am on it like a rash when i see a picture i love!!! If only i had the budget to support my addiction aye.... o well i girl can dream cant she :)

I thought id share from Pinterest with any fellow addict... eeeer i mean lover of all things prettiful lol my growing collection of eye candy in pictures, please sit back and enjoy!

A gal's gotta love her leopard print, with an added mix of either
red or turquoise your onto a winner hehe.

I will admit it.... i am a massive Kim K fan!
Well for her fashion that is, besides she is an amazing business
woman so gotta give her thumbs up for that too.

And a girl can't forget about those accessories now,
love this layering effect with the Micheal Korrs watch xXx

Can't miss out the most important thing though.......The Walk In Wardrobe
to put all these luscious clothes in!!!!!

See i told you a girl can dream lol.
Hope your enjoyed and i hope you haven't dribbled to much now

Kel x

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